Tuesday, 17 April 2012

11 :2 Spring-y feeling.

tumblr springy photos

- If I look out of my window, I see grey skies, trees bent nearly in half with the wind, and rain travelling horizontal to the pavement. If I listen, I can also hear crowds of school children screaching (probably due to the fact that is their break time, and it's raining). These aren't exactly sounds that radiate spring, but inside my room is a little spring themed room! - I am a winter person through and through, but I love the colours of spring, so pretty.

- I use my tumblr as a way to collate inspirational pictures, not necesarilly to follow the hoardes of little girls in love with One Direction! When I am feeling a little lack-lustre I just look for images to bring a little happiness, I'd liker to share my current favourites with you.

All images can be found here

Monday, 16 April 2012

11 : 1 Matching


- I know traditionally women matched their handbags with their shoes; but we all know that in recent years, matching your footwear with your handbags is considered a little bit of a fashion faux pas. However, no one mentioned anything about matching your handbag with your nail varnish!

For a night out with my man I wore Barry M Nail Paint in #296 Coral amd paired it with my coral (It claims to be Red, but let's be real, it definitely doesn't look very red in actuality, and I would describe it as a very bright, vivid coral) Verde Clutch.

- Barry M Nail Paints, are my all time favourite nail varnish, I don't particularly like pearl/ shimmer finishes on my own nails, and the Nail Paints are the best opaques I've found, a really nice consistency and a really nice selection of colours.

- The bag was retailing for €26, however, I made friends with the woman in the shop and paid only €20 for it! I'm not sure if anyone else is really familiar with the brand, however they have some REALLY nice bags, (both my sister and I own some) I'm sure you could buy something similar ( such as this, and this) from a highstreet retailer (and usually I'm all for cheap and cheerful) but you would definitely not get the same quality. The pictures don't really do it justice, it is the SOFTEST leather you will ever feel. There were a few colours available, but I really wanted a bright clutch! Im not entirely sure where else stocks this brand, but I bought mine from a little independent bag shop.

- What do you think? Do you match your shoes and your handbag? Aside from the fact that we are told not to do it, I was reading Andrea's blog, she's no stranger to matching her shoes and bag, and she's both stunning, and stylish, so maybe times are changing?!




( Red Envelope Clutch; Verde. Nail Varnish; Barry M Nail Paint Coral #296)

I am pining for a coral/orange lipstick! anyone know of any good ones? Planning my trip to Barcelona with the man! excited! Spent 300 today, I can't afford it, but I need somewhere to live I've noticed that my posture is so much better when I wear heels . . any excuse Hanna, any excuse! Obsessed with peppermint tea today I must have drunk 8 litres!

(By suggestion of Sam of Fashion Through Travel, here is a full shot, but to be honest it was almost in one of the images above, which is why I didn't bother!)