Monday, 19 September 2011

"You're my full stop"

I know it's ridiculously early in the morning. I'm moving house today.


I'm also getting engaged today.

I'm sorry Han, I didn't quite hear that, can you repeat it?

Oh yes, of course

My boyfriend just told me I was his 'full stop' and however scary it was he wanted to be with me forever.

He just proposed!!

I wanted to share, with my little blogging family. I'm genuinely over the moon. I love him so much.

I hate soppy posts about love lives, so this is a one off, but I'm getting engaged!

p.s. This weeks 'songs on sunday' was a good one. so I may post later in the week. . . 'melodies on monday' . . . 'tunes on tuesday' . . . teehee!


Saturday, 17 September 2011

4 :6 Interior Decorating With Hanna! (Sensible, Obviously)

- So, as you may know (I've been banging on about it enough) I'm moving house! in two days!! . . . and when you are moving house, I know you start to think about the practical things like where are you going to put this bit of furniture etc etc. (I'm now panicing about this, I have no idea where to put anything, and, I've packed. nothing!)

- Not me, no not me, the first thing I think about when I'm moving house is that it MUST. HAVE. BUNTING!

- I know I know, not logical, nor is it very practical, nor is it very useful! but it's so pretty, and there is just something about bunting that makes me love it so much!!!

- So I went to the market and picked up this


- I know you can buy bunting - but let's just look at suspect numero uno. Urban Outfitters (totally not dissing, I love UO and as I'm sat here writing this I'm wearing one of their *more expensive* tops!) they currently have two lots of bunting for sale.

bunting uo2bunting uo

- The Rob Ryan Bunting which is 5 metres and costs £25 (who's Rob Ryan when it's at home!?) and the Scrumptious Bunting which is 3 metres and costs £10, and is made of 'shower proof paper' and ribbon.

- Now where else would you go to buy bunting?! I don't even know, I just think I can do better! (and now I know I can!)

-I also picked up as much tape as my £4 would let me (just short of 11 metres!)


- I know it looks a little complicated, but was really just one evening of sitting sewing whilst watching the television (bridezilla's - in case you were wondering!) all cut (three different fabrics 1 purple gingham 1 coloured polka dot and 1 floral - my mother thought I was going insane and that they needed to be colour coordinated, I informed her she was incorrect and that mis-matched was the way forward!) then sewed (we really didnt even need to pin them) then turned inside rightside out and onto the tape! (that was the bit that took the longest!)


- Bunting is awesome!

- This is obviously not in my new house yet - I just wanted to look at it because it was sooo pretty!!!

- And I have 11 metres of bunting, for about a tenner, beat that 'scrumptious' bunting and your 'shower proof paper'!!!


4 :5 Some MORE Blogs Everyone Should Love!! (The Versatile Blogger Award)

- Right beautiful's (can that be plural? who knows!) . . I have something to share with you. . . . something that for me was pretty exciting! This was my first ever blog award (yes yes, I know I posted the other first, it was easier! - and that's not that the other was not important to me. . oh god I talk myself in circles [and I may or may not have another aswell - which to tell you the truth made this one a little easier, that way I could give all the blogs I love a fair shout out. . but shh for now!]) and it was given to me by the amazing Amanda of Poppies and Icecream! - Who, if you don't already read, then you should!!

- I have to admit, I'm terrible at keeping on top of everyones posts, mainly because I love so many different blogs, so I read a great wad of them at once and catch up!

Anyway this Award is the Versatile Blogger Award,

- Now I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and pass it along to 15 blogs I love (what's with the numbers here guys? why not nice neat numbers? I guess you could say that's one thing about me, I like things to be in equal groups! - but I'll give you that one free!)

-I decided I'd try and give you some information on myself that I wouldn't casually drop into one of my posts, something a bit extra, other than "my name is Hanna [Woeking - if you're being nosey or stalk-y] and I'm in my 20's"  you know the drill! So, here we go. . .

-(and it's going to be a lengthy one. . sorry. .  but you know you want to know these things about me! I never tell you anything personal!)  I could tell you that I have an obsession with ". . ." but you probably already grasped that one. . . and that I prefer "[ . . .]" over "(. . .)". . .but you know, how exciting is that!?

dressing up

1, I love to dress up!, my normal style is, well, I've described it before as a 'walking bazaar' and that's pretty accurate. . . sooo these two are NOT my usual style, my friends and I, if we were going (sadly way in the past now) out on a night out, we loved to get made up - and it's funny, but I always got chatted up more when I was dressed up!!! (we aren't taking the mick, we are actually genuinely trying something different, you wouldn't believe the research that went into these!)


2. I love carnivals. I love how happy people are at carnivals. What more can I say on that?!

3. I love the sky- I love looking at the sky, I love taking pictures of the sky,  I love the sky at night, I love the sky in the morning, I just love the sky.

I love how it is forever changing, yet is always there, it's a constant, it's not going to run off on you, I guess the sky is a bit like life, it's going to keep being there, but it's going to keep changing, nothing's going to be the same again.


4. I guess you could say I'm a waterbaby. I am a competetive synchronised swimmer (team in green - look at the babies next to us, . awww!) When you compete, they pull your hair back into a bun as tight as it will go and then because you can't compete wearing your swim cap they paint gelatine onto your bun - almost like a waterproof gel - it's horrid and you have to have a REALLY hot shower to melt it out! I competed nationally - not up to Olympics standard yet!

me water

- I'm obsessed with the sea. End.


-I love going kayaking. Trust me my skills are a little more advanced than the picture below, which was a genuine rowing accident - the picture was taken at JUST the right time, my oar got stuck on the side of the bridge as we went under and literally threw me from my seat. Hilarious and a brilliant picture I love (if only for the memories)!


5. I love the first time it snows. The anticipation of some EPIC slope action ahead. . .


6. I don't love sleep- I think it's a waste of life. I go to sleep late, and I get up early. . . If I'm having a lay in, it's probably because I'm not very well! But, sometimes, this catches up on me, and I end up crashing in perculiar places!


 7. My hair usually looks like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards! I describe it as the 'Europe' look! - I can tame it, I just choose not to, I have more important things to be doing than my hair, having said that, I do occasionally like to just sit and play with it. . and if Im leaving the house, it will look allright, as I'm writing this, it actually looks pretty presentable (I thought I was going out today-  turns out I'm not!).

I wish my hair was red again! This was the actual colour of my hair about a year ago, and this is my natural colour that I have spent a year, and hundreds of pounds (I haven't added it up, but it's probably getting to that figure) getting it back to. The red was just so much more exciting!!


NOW for the exciting bit! (now you've heard some completely daft facts about me!, I want to hear some daft facts about you lot!)

12379 11
8 5 1012 12 4
the last three

- And that's all folks!
- Muchos besos!

( I really hope you do go and check out, even a few of these blogs, I mean nothing is better than a saturday, or sunday just reading through some interesting posts, or looking at some pictures, and I love these blogs and they deserve some love. and I made it easy for you! - ok I could have made it easier by having the blog linked to the picture,  but I'm being lazy, so it's the list underneath!)


Thursday, 15 September 2011

4 :4 Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

- I often see posts on gorgeous blogs (ahem) of 'Inspiration' posts


-but what I really want to know is. Is this what really inspires you, or is it what you think other people want to see at that time, are they simply pictures of things you like the look of?

- Then again, is that not something that inspires you?! Is there a difference between liking the look of something and it inspiring you?!


- Whenever I am feeling down or unwell, or just not myself I like to surround myself in a visual world of images which make me happy, this is my inspiration, and more often than not these images come into fruition in my daily life, they inspire me to do projects in my own world!


- I do have a LOT of exciting projects to share with you in the next couple of posts

- I promise, they are good ones! (even if the image quality is crud - by crud, I mean not my normal standard, but I think I am a little OCD so all shall be well)

- Anyway, I used to download and store thousands of inspirational images onto my hardrive (which is now caput and I have to save everything to an external one, that story aside) I now primarily use three different sources of inspiration.

1. Pinterest   <<pssst that goes to my Pinterest account! (we all know and use Pinterest yes? If we don't we do now! get to it!) [these are from my 'Think' board]

inspo pint 

2. Tumblr  <<pssst that goes to THFM (now I know this has a stigma [14 years old] and what annoys me the most is that on tumblr the source of the original image is often lost. . . whereas on pinterest it is automatically logged, but I love my tumblr account for little things like decorations, gifts, trinkets, jewellery etc. . . I find it really inspiring, and as long as you are willing to put up with usernames such as W-H-O0-R-E-Z you are ok, I tend to ignore that tat, I can't be bothered with it, instead I curate my own little world in images, and ALL images I post are linked back to their source (If they are re-blogged, well I can't help that!) reblogging, that's another issue I have with Tumblr . .


inspo tumblr 1 

Does anyone really see Tumblr as blogging? I know a few people do write posts on it, but the majority are just for image inspiration no?

inspo tumblr 2

3. Fashiolista  <<pssst that goes to my profile! (I'm a fashion junkie. I'll admit it. and yes I just have spent another 80 euro on clothes today - I was going to buy some boots, oh my gosh they are perfect, BUT they don't have them online, and they didn't have my size in store yesterday!!! - That aside, I often forget to log my finds into Fashiolista, but I think it's a great source of inspiration!!)

inspo fash

- If you're still with me after that ridiculously long post, well done, have 50 euro! . . . orrr. . . you could listen to this tune. It's my boyfriend's band, and I am ridiculously proud of them, so go and listen. Off you pop!

- Much love.


Sunday, 11 September 2011

4 :3 Some Blogs Everyone Should Love! (Liebster Blog Award)

Recently the beautiful Becs of Catching Sundust nominated me for the Liebster award, an award for all thos with less than 200 followers to share the love a little, and to be completely honest, I was shocked, thrilled, confused and just overly happy when I found out. . . It's taken me a while to get round to posting this for a few reasons. 

#1 it's ridiculously hard to nominate just 5 different blogs!

#2 I've been given so much medication it's hard to even see straight!!! ( which in all fairness creates some particularly funny results, you should see my text messages, my boyfriend thinks. . well I think he's starting to get used to me talking to him about boob jobs and men wearing odd shoes!)

anyway thankyou so much Becs, it's really sweet of you and I am really thankful.


I'm sharing the love with 5 of my favourite blogs, but to be honest, I wrote a list down and had to narrow it down from 34 (!) to 5 I love so many blogs that I often don't get round to commenting but I end up digressing to a stalker!

Taylor from For Sure J'adore

taylor hair

- This lady screams to me, I love everything she posts, I stare for hours at her beautiful pictures, a way to get lost in a different world, where to me, everything is perfect, and to be honest so should everyone else!

Cristina and Núria from Barcelona Brunettes


- Style as it should be, between friends, loving, fun and completely addictive.

Lola from What's Cooking Lola Dee?

Photo 249

- I know I've mentioned this lady before, but she really is so inspiring, go take a look.

Kelsey and Kim from K&K Test Kitchen


- It might look like I have a food addiction, I don't.  I just love new recipes, but I don't want to read about them in a boring way. They have to have a bit of personality behind them. It's like if  Ibuy a recipe book -  Iwant one with pictures (haha - how old do I sound there?! 5?!) Plus this mother and daughter duo are a delight. I also follow Kelsey on Twitter.

Amy from Amy Wears Clothes


-I love this blog, if not because she finds clothes that are wearable, and is not over the top like some of the 'fashion bloggers' but because she reminds me of myself when I was 16, she's absolutely beautiful and you all need to go show her some love.

These are the five I am nominating.
Breakin' The Rules!

Being the indecisive person I am. . .here are a few others you should check out. . !

Back Road Gypsies (obsessed) Bec's Blog (a girl and some shops!) Belle's Bakehouse (back to my imaginative recipes by girls with rockin' personalities again - go look, you'll understand!) Blondhaus (amazing, no other words required!) Carly Watts: Art and Illustration (says it all really doesn't it, art and illustration, I need to see images all the time to keep my brain functioning and I love this girls blog!) yajaira's fashion notes (very list-y but that's how I like it, to the point!)*


*I take no responsibililty if any of these current posts have a. incredibly poor grammar or ridiculous spelling mistakes i.e. 'food' instead of 'good' etc, or if I go off on a tangent (more than usual anyway) I am reallly struggling to even see the keys on my computer, thank god for my ridiculous ability to touch type! or b. don't make much sense, bare with me I'm *cross fingers* going to be off this medication soon.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

4 :2 Some Witchery ( Spell Designs)


- To say I struggle with my personal style is a little bit of an understatement.

- My mother refuses to buy me clothes for birthdays etc because she says I am so hard to understand. This is true, I am.

- I LOVE vintage dresses, I LOVE anything covered in sequins, I LOVE structured blazers, boyfriend fit t-shirts, the colour 'peach' and 'oatmeal' but also anything navy or dove grey. . I LOVE leather boots, I LOVE moccasins, and I love to be covered in as much jangly (is that even a word?!) jewellery as possible. . . .On second thought, I'm pretty easy to understand! I LOVE to be a walking Bazaar.

- My recent love is the company Spell, run by two sisters, I want need everything in their shop. If I had money I would be dangerous.


- My sister is undoubtedly one of my favourite people in the entire world, and I would love to run a company like this with her when she's older and has finished school. (my company would feature more glitter though!) I think this is why I love their story so much! - Working with my sister would be a dream come true.

- Their collections are so inspiring, and I'm in need of creating something similiar for myself and my house (my beautiful NEW house, which  I am moving in to in less than two weeks!!! Goodbye England! - I digress!).

Aztec Rug-2746_CU4


cream boots_CU3




Saturday, 3 September 2011

4 :1 Some Crazy Big ThankYou's! & Lots of Love

- People may, or may not know that I have been really unwell at the moment,
I say unwell- I mean immobile! (I feel fine, apart from the chronic pain whenever I move/ the ridiculous amount of medication which makes me uber drowsy!)

-But from the first time I mentioned this injury (I know I'm not supposed to start a sentance with a 'but'- and from someone with a degree in English this is atrocious, but I don't care!) The few comments I recieved from a few people made me feel so much better, I can't thank you enough, you really lifted my spirits. So raise your *cyber*glassses to these beautiful ladies and go explore their wonderful sites - I know I have been doing on my phone when I haven't had accesss to my computer!


sea level 320



- I'm really sorry if I forgot anyone, but I honestly appreciated every single word, as I was sat in the hospital using my mobile internet (the only outlet I had to the outside world!) I was so surprised at the well wishings and comments, and even if it has taken me a while to catch up (and trust me, I'm SLOWLY getting round to answering my emails, hundreds in my inbox *screams*) my response is as genuine as it ever was!

- Mush, over now! much love.