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12. Fake It To Make It: Fake Tan Reviews Uk, The Best Fake Tan I Know.

- Fake Tan!

- My family and I are from Germany, I have a typically German complexion. I have naturally blonde hair, green eyes, yet my skin is not an 'English Rose' complexion. I tan easily, not a beautiful olive colour, Oh no! My skin naturally turns a beautiful *ahem* shade of orange. When I was younger, I used to make sure I got tan lines, so when someone asked "did you have an accident with fake tan?" I could prove, that no, in fact, I am naturally orange. Anyone else with this problem will feel my pain. Orange. Why orange?!

- Any article, in any magazine you read, will decipher that because I have light coloured eyes, and fair hair, I must burn the instant my skin even sees the sun. This doesn't happen.

- I tan easily, but I also lose my tan really quickly too. Like any girl, I feel better with a bit of a tan, but I'm never trying to full on fake a tan, just emphasize what I have. I admire the girls such as Nicola Roberts who is gorgeous when she's pale (Article here), but, it's just not a look I pull off well!

Clockwise from bottom left
1. Garnier Ambre Solaire No-Streaks Bronzer : Original.
2. Superdrug Solait 360 Dry Mist Bronzing Spray.
3. Rimmel Instant Tan Sun Shimmer : Fair Matte.
4. Clinique Self Sun Face Tinted Lotion.
5. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze.
6. Dove Summer Glow.
7. Rimmel Instant Tan Sun Shimmer : Medium Shimmer.
8. Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze.
9. Clinique Self Sun Body Daily Moisturiser.
10. Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion.

- I'm pretty low maintenance, and can't be bothered with things that are going to make my life difficult. Therefore I'm always looking for the perfect tan enhancer, and my expectations are pretty high. It needs to be a nice colour, preferably not stink, apply easily, and fade nicely, none of this blotchy business!!

- Here are my reviews of fake-tans I use at the moment.

1. Garnier Ambre Solaire No-Streaks Bronzer: Original .
- I don't dislike this, but it is one of the worst I own for streaking. Which seems silly as it is the only one which claims to be No-Streaks!
- It does feel nice when you apply it, but it smells like fake tan. It may seem daft to say fake tan smells like fake tan. However a lot of companies are striving to make their products smell better. I was talking to one of my best friends, a bloke, and he said that when you can smell fake tan it is the most unattractive smell on a girl. (like wet biscuits!)
- I also don't think this develops to a particularly nice colour. Very Orange.
- It is one of the few fake tans I own which is closest to traditional fake tan, and I only tend to use it when I really can't be bothered to sort my skin out over a few days.
- All in all, not my favourite, and when I'm through this bottle, I probably won't repurchase.

Superdrug Solait 360 Dry Mist Bronzing Spray.
- I can't decide with this. It has a nice colour. It sprays OK. But it has the worst smell. It doesn't smell nice before it develops, and it smells even worse after. You may think that because it is Superdrug own brand that you get what you pay for, but it's not any cheaper than some name brands, so I really don't think there are many benefits to it.
- It does tend to spray out of the bottle REALLY fast, which makes it difficult to do bits of your own body, like your chest and arms, because you can't position the bottle far enough away to get a streak free finish. However I did my sisters legs for her, and it gave a really nice colour, that was, really even.

3. Rimmel Instant Tan Sun Shimmer : Fair Matte.
- This is, without a doubt, too fair for me. My sister (who is SO PALE) bought this, and it was too dark for her. I used it throughout the winter, when my skin was a bit paler, and I still had to layer it.
- I use this as a contour, only on my face, and it actually works pretty nicely, if you put a couple of layers on. It also dries really quickly and doesn't feel tacky or clammy, and doesn't look cakey like traditional powder bronzers. So I do actually really l ike this product, I just think that if I were to repurchase, Id definitely go for a darker colour.
- The only downside is. It claims to 'wash off' this should be losely translated to 'Will not budge unless you get the turps out' . . you really do have to scrub it off.

4. Clinique Self Sun Face Tinted Lotion.
- I've had this quite a while, and I'm not sure whether or not it is still available, I did check in my local Debenhams and they still had it in stock, so I presume it is!
- I really like this product. It doesn't have a smell to it, it leaves a really nice colour and I have never had it streak, even when I've just slapped it on when I'm on the train home. I've also never had it stain my hands.
- It is a little more expensive than some of the others, so maybe one for the duty free! It is totally worth it though!

5. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze.
- This is what I have been using recently, and I really like it. It leaves my skin soft and moisturised, and it does leave noticeable colour behind.
- It is not a really orange colour when it is developed, which is also why I like it.
- This product claims to be daily moisturiser, and you are supposed to reapply every day. I apply it after the shower, but you do have to watch because it absorbs so quickly it is difficult to tell where you have been and it's quite easy to miss spots, but if you work it systematically there is no problem!
- I love the fact that it doesn't smell. At all. When it has developed. (I don't smell like wet biscuits!!!) And when you apply it, it just smells like regular cocoa butter.
- I do work as a cleaner, and I use a lot of chemicals, and this has survived - Im not entirely sure what is going to bring it off! (so definitely summer- proof!!)

6. Dove Summer Glow.
- Very average.
- Builds up daily, but does smell when it has developed.
- I do like the colour though, so if you can get over the smell this is a good one as it very rarely leaves streaks.
- Out of all of the generic daily build up tans readily available this is my favourite.

7. Rimmel Instant Tan Sun Shimmer : Medium Shimmer.
- I hate this
- I don't know why I own it
- It's blotchy, and doesn't wash off like it claims to.
- I actually used this for fancy dress. Slathered it over my face, put on a paper suit, and claimed to be from a tanning company. *slaps forehead*
- As much as I love Tom Jones; This is not a look I want to go for!!!

8. Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze.
- I don't really like this either
- I bought this because I had heard so many good reviews about it, but I find it to be no where near as good as the Superdrug own brand, and that is embarassing for loreal. The colour is pants. It doesn't spray very nicely, yet that is one of it's claims! It also claims to have a 'fresh citrus fragrance' . . . does it heck as like! It smells like your average wet-biscuit fake tan, even before it has developed.
- I could put up with it, and will probably keep using it. but, not a fan.

9. Clinique Self Sun Body Daily Moisturiser.
- Not just out of these in this selection, but out of all of the ones I have ever tried, ever.
- My mother is a bit of a slave to Clinique, which is why I ended up with this, it was a present from her. I'm not fussed by brands, and didn't really have any expectations with this at all, but Oh MY GOODNESS, I can't rave about this enough.
- It's a daily moisturiser so you can build up the colour, but in the winter if you just want to perk up your skin, one use is enough to make your skin glow.
- It smells like christmas! - Such an odd thing to say- but I think it has the faint smell of cloves before it develops, and has virtually no smell after.
- It has never streaked and the consistency is second to none. When you apply it, the lotion has a slight shimmer, but this dissapears as it develops, and I have actually found that it makes it easier to apply.
- It stays put until you exfoliate, and if you don't bother, it fades quite naturally by itself.
- I hate it when fake tan transfers onto clothes, and this never has, even if I've worn a white bra!
- Amazing stuff!

10. Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion.
- This is OK
- No where near as good as #9.
- It has a nice colour, and no smell as you apply, but it does have a slight smell as it develops.
- It does leave a nice colour, but it doesn't fade nicely and you will find it going slightly blotchy as it ages, especially in places like the inside of your elbows and the back of your knees. . Which is annoying, I've never had that happen before.
- A little dissapointing after owning other Clinique Self Sun products, and I wouldn't dive out and buy it again.

- I hope that this was helpful to someone! I know that there are a lot of reviews for fake tan out there, however I've noticed that they are usually for the St Tropez and Fake Bake. I know I haven't really read any for Clinique products, which are, my favourites!

- If anyone has any products they think are better, I'd love to know, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect tan enhancer!


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