Thursday, 23 June 2011

14. She's Crazy! Tigi Haircare Review : Bed Head & Catwalk.

- Why yes, I am probably the only insane girl with a bottle of conditioner THIS SIZE in my bathroom!! (2 Litres!)

1. TIGI BedHead Dumb Blonde Reconstructor.
2. TIGI BedHead Foxy Curls Conditioner.
3. TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Styling Spray.

- So, my hair, naturally is a level 8 light blonde (If you're not familiar with said level system here is a chart) darker at the roots and lighter towards the ends where the sun has caught it. (makes sense!) A couple of years ago I gradually took it lighter and lighter to the point of platinum, as a result my hair is pretty dry- It's not snapping off, and I don't have split ends, it's just DRY (as in, sahara dry- can't get a brush through it unless it's wet, dry!) But these products - in conjunction with very little heat styling, have returned my hair to it's former state, I was a little sceptical, but when I traded back to my previous products, I could REALLY tell the difference.

- The flat I have been living in for the last couple of years has RIDICULOUSLY hard water - which doesn't make sense, because you'd assume that because the water would come off the mountains, and wouldn't be so hard. . .alas, it is, and just coming home to England the condition of my hair improves ten fold. Having said that, these products have really helped both home and away!

1. TIGI BedHead Dumb Blonde Reconstructor.
- This product is gorgeous! It smells amazing! - I was previously using Aussie 3 Minute Miracle as a deep conditioner, and I liked it. There are so many good reviews about it, and they are true, it is nice, but this, this is better! This is actually my second tube of this. It claims to be packed with protein to help recondition hair that has lost protein through over-bleaching. It also says you can use it as an everyday conditioner or leave it on as a hair mask. I once read that for any deep conditioner to work properly it needs to be left on for five or more minutes, so I always look out for products that say on the label that it can be left on for over five minutes. A little goes a long way with this product. The first time I tried it I was so used to putting LOADS of cheaper product on that I did the same thing with this. I wasn't particularly impressed, but I discovered the less is more approach, I think if you put too much on it is a bit of a product overload and it doesn't have the desired effect. My hair is definitely left feeling so much more manageable, it gets rid of all the flyaways (I have curly hair- I have a LOT of those!) and prevents frizz. Finally a product that does what I want it to!

2. TIGI BedHead Foxy Curls Conditioner.
- I think the sheer size of the bottle shows how much I like this. I did go through three of the normal size bottles before I purchased this one! I love the smell of this, and the conditioner is so light it doesn't weigh my hair down, it doesn't leave it looking dull and my hair really feels softer! I don't usually leave my hair to dry curly, but when I do it is frizz free, and even when I blow dry it straight my hair doesn't frizz up. I don't think I could find a better conditioner than this (and I've tried a LOT). The only problem I have with this, is the bottle is too big to sit on the side of my bath, and I stub my toe on it in the shower!! I did buy this from TKMaxx, so it was a little cheaper than if I had bought it from the hairdressers (Im not even sure you could buy this size from the salon?) I paid £11.99 for this from TKMaxx and it is 2l so that is an amazing deal. My local TKMaxx is amazing for TIGI products (luuuckkkyyy!)

3. TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Styling Spray.
- I hate heat protector that leaves your hair crunchy/ stiff/ dry. I'm sure you know what I mean. I have tried so many heat protectors, mainly because I refuse to use heat tools (including the hairdryer) on my hair without some form of protection. All of the ones I have tried leave my hair crunchy, apart from Tresemme, but I don't really feel like that is protecting very well. This is such a good product, because it has some styling spray in it aswell, yet it still doesn't leave my hair crunchy (I do use some other products aswell) The only thing is, I don't like the smell (it smells like melon, not synthetic melon scent, real melons) but it doesn't linger, so I can get over that because I love it so much!

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  1. I used the DUmb Blonde Reconstructor a few years ago about a year before my wedding as my hair was completely overprocessed so after a good cut the salon recommended this. I had forgotted how good it was until reading this I may have to go out and buy some as my hair is feeling pretty tired.


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