Wednesday, 22 June 2011

11. The Muffin Man; Homemade Coffee Muffins & Lemon Curd Centre Muffins.

- Today, apparently, is a day where food is quite a big factor in my head!

- As a bit of a backlog from Father's day on Sunday. I made my dad some coffee muffins, seeing as his favourite cake is coffee cake! I just figure that muffins are easier to serve, and they look prettier, and I like making them!

- I just used a basic sponge mix

8oz Flour
8oz Sugar
8oz Butter
4 eggs
1tsp Vanilla Essence
1 tsp Baking Powder

-Then I made some instant coffee using 3 tsp of coffee granules and 1tbsp of boiling water. I added this to the mix and then divided it up into muffin cases.

- These cook for about 20minutes (or until a skewer, when inserted, comes out clean) at 160°c

- For the icing I used my favourite Vanilla Cheese Icing recipe and added 1tbsp of Camp Coffee! Simple! To finish I sprinkled on some mixed chopped nuts, In a vague attempt to recreate a coffee and walnut cake.

- Now, I know it was Father's day, but, my mother, loathes coffee! I didn't want her to feel left out so I whipped up these Lemon Curd muffins.

- I used the same basic sponge recipe as above, but when you spoon these into the cases, add half a dessert spoon full into the bottom, followed by a teaspoon of lemon curd, then fill up the case.

- This results in. . . .

- Gooey Lemony centres!

-Because these are so sweet, and packed full of lemon flavour, I don't really think these need icing, so I simply dusted the tops with icing sugar.

- Baking is such a stress reliever for me, and I love how happy cake makes everyone else! Isn't it funny how much of a mood-changer cake is?!

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