Friday, 24 June 2011

15. Ghost Towns! - and Han's Going To Buy a Village!

- Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I end up doing something daft, but, I'm not in a bad mood and I've just done something stupid which I regret. I've had a good cry. I've just lost a lot of memories in picture format, stored on my computer. Accidentally!

- As I was driving home last night *ahem* this morning (half three) I had to pull over the car at the side of the road to take these pictures, I love the colours of sunrise. Such a beautiful time of day, so peaceful. Lucky for me, there was only one lorry driver who passed me (he did look at me like I had lost it but hey ho!)

Sunrise 1

sunrise 5

sunrise 4

- Ghost towns!

-How cool are ghost towns!

Hashima Island
Once home to 5259 people, the mining island was shut down in 1974
It opened again in 2009 for tourism

- The more I read about ghost towns, the more I want to read. There's something so eerily enthralling about somewhere that used to be home to so many, that is now completely empty. Like history comes alive, because the whole place is frozen in time.

- I guess they are like looking into a pictre that exists, like jumping into a picture!

Bodie, California

Kolmanskop, Namibia

- I think I feel sorry for the place, like it was once loved, and now it's all abandoned. Id love to visit some of these places and I'm sorry that I never got to see Sanzhi in Taiwan.

-This Website *ClickyClicky* shows the top ten abandoned towns.

- If I could, Id live in my own ghost town.

- When I get a spare£485,000 I shall buy Valle Piola in Italy, it's crazy that you can buy an ENTIRE village!! - for the price of a smallish flat!

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