Saturday, 27 August 2011

The August Break 2011: #23, #24, #25, #26 & #27





The August Break 2011: #22




The August Break 2011: #18, #19, #20 & #21

-These all form part of my adventre in hospital, to be completely honest with you, I was in the nicest wing of the hospital that hasn't even been open two years yet, but it still gets you down. the view from my windows was fabulous. So I really can't complain.



- This is just funny!
-Well, if you have read my other posts, you will know that I have a fractured spine, which made movement of my lower limbs pretty dirricult. . but I wanted to wear a skirt (so fed up of pyjamas!)
- So someone else had to shave my legs for me, the funniest thing ever, I couldn't stop giggling the entire time!

- Hospital food is ucky!

-Incase you were wondering, this is broccoli stew with sprouts. bon apetit!



Thursday, 25 August 2011

The August Break 2011: #17


- We're playing catch-up again here, and now I am out of the hospital, I have access to computer again. I have some special thankyou's but they will be in my next post as this is ths last of the non-hospital related pictures because a couple of very very lovely ladies kept my spirits up whilst I was in the hospital.



Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The August Break 2011: #14, #15 & #16


- These are late, but there is a reason.

- This Saturday I was taken into hospital (long story short : Broken spine) and I have been unable to walk / sit / use much of my body at the moment.

- I have been prescribed a LOT of morphine, as well as various other drugs (I'm thinking of opening up a pharmacy, Hanna's Remedies!) I haven't really been functioning normally, and I have spent most of the time laid flat, not moving, waiting for my next round of drugs. It's not fun. . . . but today I was determined to move about a bit. . and have been slowly (read: VERY SLOWLY) walking.

- Imagine a heavily pregnant lady and how she walks, that's how I'm moving, but slower! I felt ridiculous but at least Im moving again!! hey ho! what can you do ey?!

-This rainbow was SO bright, I hate how you can never quite capture the magnificance of a rainbow, no matter how hard you try (well I can't anyway, and I don't get much practice on account of rainbows not being too frequent around these here parts!)


- A flock of birds sitting in the field near my house, it's magic when they all take off at once! ( do birds take off?! That makes them sound like a plane!)


-My bedroom window, this is what I have been staring at for a couple of days. As nice a window it is, it looked a lot prettier when it started to rain, yet you could still see the sun shining through.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

The August Break 2011: #13


- All of my friends are shorter than me. The curse of being six foot!


Saturday, 13 August 2011

The August Break 2011: #12 (And A Bit of Goldfrapp!)


- Walking along a pier in the sun is one of the best things in this world. The water underneath you, walking out to sea. Pure love!

- I heard this song on the radio earlier. . and it has been stuck in my head!

- I can't think of anything more brilliant! it's a subject matter which is usually portrayed in a sad light. . . but this is with a positive, upbeat twist. Amazing!


The August Break 2011: #11 (And Han's Relationship Issues!)

- This is literally all I wanted all day.

- I know, as far as picture quality goes, it's pretty shocking, but it represented my day really well.

(August Break 2011 : #11)

- It's amazing how much of a bad day you are having and just the supportive hand of someone close to you, reassuring you that everything is going to be ok, will make you feel a billion times happier.

- Righto : I've had two emails in the last week, asking me if I have a boyfriend. (yes) . . but here's why it may have slipped past you!

- I don't like blogs where people ram their relationship down your throat. I mean, I'm glad you have a boyfriend and all. . don't get me wrong, but your significant other is not what makes you, you.

- I feel this way in life too. One of my friends got VERY angry with me because she felt that I wasn't spending enough time with her. Where I had gone from living with her and seeing her a good twelve hours a day, to seeing her three or four evenings a week (She has since found a girlfriend and I haven't seen her in near enough five months) I think it's about finding a balance (old married couples - you're off the hook!)

(TEA after a shopping spree?!)

(he really hates me taking pictures, so I went all stealth mode! don't know how he managed to miss my camera. . it's big enough! but shhhh)

- When I was single (and hurting- because in the end I started to enjoy singledom) in the blogs I found, if they were all soppy and "BBZ I luv yhoo/ I love my babba, he is the best thing I ever found" I immediately left the blog. I couldn't stand it. I don't mind the odd mention here and there, but I really hate the constant reminder that your life is not as good.

- Trust me I could go on about how amazing the boy is (he works with disabled people doing music workshops, and with children, and is just one of the most caring people ever) and I have written about him before, but I will always refer to him as my friend, because he is first and foremost my friend.

(Swear down, he's a woman, owns more shoes than I do!)

- I just come across way to many blogs, who seem to just flaunt their boyfriends because it makes them sound 'cool'- I'm not one for judging others' relationships, but to me, a relationship is an intimate thing, it's a meaningful thing, not a status badge or a facebook update.

- Either way, yes I have a boyfriend, yes I love him, and yes he is one of the most amazing men I know (my Dad, Brother &Grandad being the others).


Friday, 12 August 2011

The August Break 2011: #10


- Because I'm lazy, and have had a mental couple of days.

- I really don't know where my life is going these days, I was reading through timesheets from work earlier today, and I scared myself on how long amount of time has disappeared from infront of me.

- HOWEVER . . . this DOES mean that my best friend is nearly finished in America and WILL be home soon! ( A little too excited! not going to lie)


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

3 :6 Gorgeous Jewellery by My Lavaliere,


- I love these gorgeous headbands by My Lavaliere.

- They aren't overly embellished and tacky (although, 'avin said that, I do love me a bit of tacky every now and then)

- They are stylishly simple, and elegant, and just beautiful!

- The shop  sells all sorts of jewellery, but I think these are my absolute favourite. I think they would make beautiful gifts.


The August Break 2011 : #9


- Today has just been one of those days.
-I've done nothing (I lie, I drove to the builders merchants and bought 5l of black hammerite- not exciting though)
- I've monged out in my friends trackies (bloke, 8x too big but uber comfy)
- I made salad for tea
- I walked across the road and took pictures arouund the church.
- Tomorrow I'm back at work, so I really needed a day of doing nothing!

- Have a good day today!


- On a side note, I LOVE Katy B. . . and this song is on loop today! It's one of those songs that just makes sense. It's not cryptic, and everyone will relate to it, yet it's not the sort of thing that is usually sung about.

- How beautiful is she?!


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Love Affair With: Kate Towers #11

- Ok, So not the usual, but I am in love with these photos I love how Kate often plays with contrasting themes and borrows inspiration from nature and romance.

- Everything in these photos is, to me, perfection.

- Kate Towers  is a young designer from Portland, she now sells her designs on etsy here *ClickyClicky*

- I do love a lot of Kate's designs, in particular this, but it is the photographs of her collections that really speak to me.








- All Pictures can be found here
- Kate's designs can be bought here
-Her blog here (not updated very regularly *ahem 2008*)

- If I'm honest, these photos remind me of Mylène Farmer . .  in particular her song Fuck Them All - I'm not sure why, they just do. . . So I tracked down the song (avec english subtitles for everyone who doesn't speak french)


The August Break 2011 : #8


- I know it's out of focus, and completely blown out. . . but I love it all the same!


Monday, 8 August 2011

Store Lovin' #2 : FreePeople Picks


- Currently trying to get my mother to make me a jumper similar to this one. . . . . it WILL be done!!

store love

- Oh yes! I LOVE Free People!

- Normally I'm a very Simple-IS-better kinda' girl. . . but, I love Free People, I'm not sure whether it's the actual clothes, or whether it's the lifestyle they are selling. . . either way, I absolutely adore most of the things on their website. . . if only I had the money!

-Actually. . If I had money, there would be trouble! . . It's a good job I don't!

free people 1
2. Velvet Blazer (!!!!!!! WHY don't I own this?!)

free people 2
5. Trousers (ugly, but hellz I imagine them to be wicked comfy)
6. Dress (not so much the dress, but the woman, I stalk her blog *ClickyClicky* I think she is absolutely gorgeous, and her photography is gorgeous. . . and. .  yea. just go look!  Major girl crush!)


3 :5 Vincenzo Rizzo & His Beautiful Artwork.


- Vincenzo Rizzo, Italy.