Saturday, 13 August 2011

The August Break 2011: #12 (And A Bit of Goldfrapp!)


- Walking along a pier in the sun is one of the best things in this world. The water underneath you, walking out to sea. Pure love!

- I heard this song on the radio earlier. . and it has been stuck in my head!

- I can't think of anything more brilliant! it's a subject matter which is usually portrayed in a sad light. . . but this is with a positive, upbeat twist. Amazing!



  1. Beautiful picture...the light is wonderful. I too love walking on a pier.

  2. Isn't walking on the pier the best? This pier is wonderful, it goes on forever, it could take 10 minutes in winter (with no one on it) but sometimes in the summer, it will be packed solid with holiday makers and can take a good 45 minutes. . (this day was unudually baron!)


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