Wednesday, 3 August 2011

3 :2 Raspberry Flapjack! (Bizarre, But it Works!)

Flapjack main

-So we all love flapjack! How can you not?

-When I was at school (woah, flash back, long time ago!) I did a project on 'high fibre' in cookery. . . so of course we made high fibre flapjack (this was just an excuse to make flapjack so me and my best friend Gins (Lindsey, but for some unknown reason I call her Gins!) could eat them through french) Which then morphed into a whole TWO YEARS making QUICHE! How can you spend two years making quiche? I don't know. . but I sure know I don't like quiche any more!!!

- Anyway, this is a recipe me and my sister invented to reduce the number of ever increasing raspberries we have lingering at home!

- We used the raspberry flesh and pips left over from when we made out Raspberry Sorbet

- But you know, every household has the annoying member who refuses to eat any fruit/vegetables/ anything that isnt available at a takeaway! . . .So we had to make half of this batch with chocolate chips in for my brother. . . annoying!

flapjack 1
flapjack 2

1. melt 1 cup of margerine (or butter if you're posh) with 1/2 cup of golden syrup and 1/2 cup sugar
2. Stir into 2 cups of porridge oats (if it is a little runny, add a few more oats until you get the desired consistency)
3. To half of this mixture add some chopped up chocolate
4. To the other half add the raspberry gunk (technical, oh yes it is!. . . you could always add fresh raspberries, I'd use about 1 cup of fresh)
Press into two lined and greased 9''x9'' baking tins (The small Ikea roasting tins are perfect for this!*
Bake for 20-30 minutes, or until firm to touch in an oven at 175°C. . . it doesn't matter so much about the length of time, but the oven NEEDS to be at 175°C. . any hotter and you end up with a more crunchy granola-y type thing. . . and we don't want that!
5. Melt some white chocolate 
6. Artfully drizzle on top of cooked flapjack and cut up. . . and eat!

* The small Ikea roasting tins, are brilliant for EVERYTHING! everyone should own at least one!. . . they are perfect for roasting a whole chicken, for making lasagne. . . just. everything! Plus. . Ikea is freaking awesome!



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