Tuesday, 29 November 2011

6 :1 Life Through the Eyes of My Blackberry.

- Hia guys!

- Here's a little something for you to listen to, Crazy because I have a little hatred for Demi Lovato but this song Skyscraper is beautiful.

- So it's been a while, almost a month infact . . . it feels a little odd!

- Of late I've been having some severe personal problems including being in and out of hospital and some issues with some friends (don't want to bore you with the details but my ex is getting a little too involved with my life when I want to never even acknowledge his existence)

- I have an operation booked . . . . for the 21'st of December (4 days before Christmas . . . . nooooo!) and although I am:

a. frightened to death
b. dreading it and
c. annoyed that it has to be right before Christmas

I am kind of relieved. . . hopefully I will then be able to cut back on the morphine (which I am STILL taking every two hours.)

- I often think it would be really cool to be able to print of everything you see, because some things are just too good to miss - but by the time you get your camera out, the moment has passed. . . which got me thinking, if my phone could think,  what would it make of my life?!

- So here I present to you - Life through the eyes of my Blackberry. . .

Picnik collage1

Picnik collage2

Picnik collage3

- There's a couple of good fires in there (the last photo is of a sausage setting alight on a BBQ at around midnight - yeea this is what happens when you leave amateurs to attend to the cooking!)

- The SIZE of my brothers feet! (his basketball boots were ordered to my parents' house when I was there)

-My order from Long Winter Farm

-Halloween with my friend who went as a butcher? I don't know it was composed the last minute with an hour to go and limited resources! - hence cleaver made from card and tinfoil

- And a  couple of early morning shots - I'm always up at around 5 or 6 (medication wakes me up every  two hours, when I'm ready from my next dosage) so I often see the sun come up, and sometimes it's just beautiful. When you wake up, walk downstairs to be greeted by this


the cold air on the door, but the beaming sunshine - I know the letterbox is a mess, I'm working on it.

- And my friend with a box on her head. No I don't know what this is. How it came about. Why it came about. Whose idea it was. All I know is that I opened the front door and this was stood there to greet me. I am well aware I should probably go and find new friends.!

- I hope everyone is well!

- Muchos Besos