Friday, 28 October 2011

101 Ways for Hanna to lose money. #1 (Tribal Impressions, Navajo Jewels.)

- You might need to play this - it's going to be a long one!

-You know when you just get so busy - and your to do list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer. . . yet you somehow have time to peruse online shops?! ha. . yes, I'm having one of those!

- I'm so snowed under with things to do . . that when I finally get a moment to myself I'm either chatting to the police (about a guy who tried to break into our house!!!) or just monging watching television!

- As much as I love Mary Portas. . . . I'm finally trying to pull myself away from doing nothing!

- I went to a Vintage Fair the other day - and oh my goodness! there was so many things I wanted to buy (I bought three things - to be revealed later!) and then so many things I wish I'd bought!

- Luckily there is another one coming up and the end of next month, and the Mr has promised to take me to it. . . someone with a better income than me! pahaha. . I joke, sort of.

- Gorgeous vintage sequin jackets will be mine!

- anyway, enough of that. . . I'm not ashamed to admit that I have an unabashed love for native american/ navajo / whatever style, especially jewellery and I do own a few vintage pieces . . . (so glad that it's back in fashion flavour of the month . . .I shall be buying quite a lot this season!) . . but imagine my excitement when I was again on etsy (longwinterfarm, this is all your fault! **shop here**) . . when I stumbled across Tribal Impressions!


- I posted a while ago, about wanting a beaded belt (still a work in progress. . i.e. it's bracelet length! haha) but this trumps that. a guitar strap. awesome!

navajo jewellery

- I love all of these! I literally would rock all of these - the only problem is, that one of my ears is stretched. . so I'm only able to wear one earring at a time at the moment. . . considering getting them pierced again so I can wear a beautiful pair!


- I do prefer the traditional colours. . . but who can resist hot pink!?

- Anyway, here's to spending all of my wages!

- Hope everyone is ok! sending love your way!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Love Affair With #12 : Muhr Photography (Don't You Just Hate all The Dead Flies Hanging Around?!)

- The other night I was sat in the pub after a little bit of an argument with the Mr (resolved now. kissed. made up!) with some of my best friends, because of the significant morphine consumption at the moment (still, I know, it's been a long time now!) I can't actually drink, I was having a strop as it was and one of my friends threw a magazine at me, which I then decided to read. . (antisoc, you don't need to tell me!)

- I'll get on to what I found in that magazine, which grossed me out, a little later, but first, just look at these beautiful portraits.





- After I had finished being considerably grossed out by said other art project, I stumbled across these portraits, and I love them so much. . . the simplicity of them, yet the complexity of the subject choices.

- Now, here, is what I found originally. . .


- why yes! yes these are dead flies arranged onto drawings!

dead flies

- My initial reaction is 'eugh!' - but then I started to think that actually, is rather clever, then my thoughts went to 'how many flies does this guy have in his house?!' I mean, there are plenty there, but those are just the dead ones. . . does he collect dead flies? does he re-use his dead flies? Why dead flies?!

- So many questions I want to ask the guy. . . but he redeemed himself with the portraiture!


(I'm also not going to lie, the image of the fly shaving it's legs on the toilet seat made me giggle!)

- All Images can be found here.


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

5 :4 Uniform Dating - Creepy or Not?

- OK so I have no problem with people who use these sites, and I (not me who set it up - two of my male friends decided it would be funny when I ended a rubbish relationship - backfired on them!) am actually a member to a dating site, I've met some pretty interesting people! (not for dates, or a relationship - but for friends!)


- But this website - keeps getting advertised, and it's quite frankly a little creepy

Whether you work in uniform, or just fancy those who do

- It just makes me think of fetish related things, and makes me a little uncomfy! It's one thing saying you have a thing for firemen, but actively searching someone who works in uniform . . .

- I don't know. not meant to offend, just wondering if anyone else thinks it's a little odd?

 . . . and here is the advert I keep seeing


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Store Lovin' #3 : Longwinterfarm (Some Gorgeous Cosmetics!)

-So, a couple of months ago, I don't know how or I'm not sure why, I think it was on my quest for a new perfume (damn you lacoste, bring back inspiration! it's my scent, without you I am scentless!)

-I really struggle to find perfumes that I like the smell of, perfumes that are not too sweet, not too flowery, not too musky, not too. . yada yada yada!

store love

-Anyway, somehow I stumbled across Longwinterfarm on Etsy, and decided it was worth a bash, I bought a perfume oil and two lipbalms (me and lipbalm, you know! I can't get enough, I hate lipgloss - too sticky - feels like goosefat, but you can't beat a good lipbalm!)

allready bought like!

-I bought the ginger peach lipbalm, the beachday perfume oil and the licorice lipbalm (which I don't appear to be able to find anymore - boo, it's awesome!)

- I LOVE these so much, I can't even explain it!

- The lipbalms are ace, and just superior quality, I get annoyed if I can't find one of them!, until now I have been an avid user of burts bees, but I tell you they have competition now!

- I've never really used perfume oil before so was uber curious. . and I'm so glad I chose to purchase, I LOVE this aswell - it smells so summery! I'm actually - as we speak (i.e. I'm multi-tasking which in my world is code for getting very distracted!) ordering some more goodies because I am so impressed

- I'm even throwing in one for my best friend Suki but shh don't tell her!!

will be mine pronto 

- Chai! I have high expectations, especially due to the copious amounts of chai latte I drink on a regular basis!

will be mine pronto dos

- The only problem with these is the packaging (i.e. I chuck them around a lot in the bottom of my bag and they tend to get a little tatty) but, I can deal, means nothing to me!

- I also have REALLY dry skin on my hands, smoking, whatever, and I usually carry around  moisturiser with me, but I didn't have anything on me apart from my perfume oil, which I used, and oh my goodness how moisturising?!  Win!

- Go check out the shop, then buy some stuff, then realise why Im so in love!!!!!

- Oh and how ridiculously cute is their profile please?! This description made me smile silly amounts!

About me:: I'm a 30 year old mom of two living in western Maine, where I share my life with kitties, puppies, and my favorite boy, Joe. I'm a major craft addict, playing with sewing, knitting, spinning, felt crafts, candle making, embroidery, and of course, soaping! Yup, I'm one busy chick. Nope, I don't take naps.[. . .] About Joe: Joe's my very best friend, boyfriend, and business partner, and there's a good 50-70% chance he'll be the one packing your order. What's he like? Well, he's good at washing his hands, being pretty tall, having an Indiana twang, and randomly breaking into Rick Roll songs

RIGHTO off to spend more money! Toodles!


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

5 :3 Interior Decorating With Hanna! (Sensible, Obviously) #2

Tie Dye Curtains?! - Yea go on then - (Have since been asked if I'm a hippy more than once, but I have no problems with this!)


- I just have this thing with colours . . . "If you have a positive environment. .  " and all that jazz! - you should see my kitchen knives. . .neon!

- This is how I created a spiral design on each curtain.  . the spirals are actually about two thirds up, which I was quite surprised at, I didn't know I was that good at measuring!



- I let them set overnight, allthough you can leave them for much longer, which if I did it again I probably would leave them a couple of days. It's a little worrying because the colours begin to bleed and you think it will end up one big mess. . . you'll surprise yourself!


- The quality of this picture is appalling, the yellow shows up as beige (and please excuse my dress hanging in the background! I'm apparenately too daft to crop pictures, which is ok, because if you look carefully at the picture of the washing machine you can see my face! haha. concentration 101!!)

-But the point of the picture is to give you a rough idea of the type of pattern it creates!


- I do have alternative curtains for this room, when I get bored. . . but I think it makes a change, being that all of our walls are painted magnolia!

- Anyway - toodles for now!


Monday, 10 October 2011

5 :2 A Slight Obsession With Neon Satchels.

- It's not as if I don't have enough bags - I do! It's just that I would like one that I could carry around that's not too big ( I have a leopard print bag that is far too big and I end up filling it with useless rubbish) and not too small (i.e. will only fit my phone and keys!)

- So in love with these gorgeous bags!


- I like the idea of something traditional being brought up to speed with some nice bright colours! There are too many grey's in this world - and I am the first to admit I am guilty!

- One of my best friends has just said that I would be mistaken for a raver ( Like that's a bad thing!) if  I purchased one, but I tell you I am dangerously close to buying the yellow one!


- The first and third are from Retrosatchels and the middle is from Whitefeather

- I tell you, if my salary wasn't so small I would be dangerous!


Songs on Sunday #10 (PG Warning)

- I hope everyone has had a good weekend and is ready for another week (what's that? No? Neah me neither!)


(recycle old inkwells for flowers?! yerp! I'm cheap!)

- This had to be done, this song has been stuck in my head all week!

- It appears that everytime me and my friend get in the car it is playing, so this is a tribute to that! (someone please release another song so this one will go away!)

MusicPlaylistView Profile

-Also, Evanescence? New album? what the?! Why was I not informed?! That brings back some memories!


Sunday, 9 October 2011

5 :1 Locking the Windows & Doors - Security Light ON [Some Scary Happenings in Hanna's World]

Helo bawb,

- So it's been a while, a little too long if you ask me!

- How's everyone doing? good?

- This past month has been absoluteley crazy, so much has been going on! (and if you've ever tried to install functioning internet into a house where the nearest power supply to your phone line is up two flights of stairs - you'll feel my pain, it involved lifting up a carpet and a ridiculously LONG phone line!)

- I've moved back abroad, away from the wonder that is England! (God bless)

- I just wanted to talk about something quite serious actually, currently in my city (TINY city, but still) we have an insanely low crime rate, everybody knows everybody else and in general I have always felt quite safe here, but just recently we have had a spate of kidnappings ( I KNOW - what. the. heck?!)

- It's the sort of thing you would just knock to the back of your mind and think would never happen to you. Until it happens to your next door neighbour, then two of your best friends nearly get pulled into a car on their way home, - a BIT of police presence would be nice!

- It's actually really quite scary, because until recently I would have been more than happy to walk through the city on my own at 2am (and have done) It's not a nice feeling to feel unsafe in your own home.


- my heart is with you all, stay safe.