Tuesday, 18 October 2011

5 :4 Uniform Dating - Creepy or Not?

- OK so I have no problem with people who use these sites, and I (not me who set it up - two of my male friends decided it would be funny when I ended a rubbish relationship - backfired on them!) am actually a member to a dating site, I've met some pretty interesting people! (not for dates, or a relationship - but for friends!)


- But this website - keeps getting advertised, and it's quite frankly a little creepy

Whether you work in uniform, or just fancy those who do

- It just makes me think of fetish related things, and makes me a little uncomfy! It's one thing saying you have a thing for firemen, but actively searching someone who works in uniform . . .

- I don't know. not meant to offend, just wondering if anyone else thinks it's a little odd?

 . . . and here is the advert I keep seeing



  1. This is downright hilarious!!! Are you sure it's not a joke? I suppose not, but it's DEFINITELY creepy, yes, definitely.

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  2. 100% real . . . sadly! I just cringe every time it comes on the television. !

  3. I think it's odd to say the least...
    But to each their own I guess ?

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  5. Absolutely agree, weird! I get the uniform bit, people might want to meet others in the services, because they'll know what it's like etc etc, but the "or just fancy those who do" bit makes no sense to me, that's basically anyone then, no?!

  6. Haha this is kind of awfully awesome. We don't have this in America, but I've always had a thing for UPS drivers. Those little brown shorts! But I'd never actually sign up for this.

    Mabel Time

  7. @Amanda - true, true! - don't think I shall be requiring their services though!!

    @ Manding, it wasn't a dig at dating sites, I totally understand, and as long as you are careful, I DO agree, they can be a great way to make new friends, or start relationships. One of my mums friends just got married to someone she met online a couple of years back - if it wasn't for the internet I guess their paths would never have crossed :)

    @ sara - The 'or just fancy those who do' bit is the bit that freaks me out - makes me think of a load of pervy people with fetishes. . . but I'm a cynical old dope!

    @Mabel, but '2% of all newlyweds in America were set up by eHarmony' !! - hahaha I know what you meant though. . . and I'm not going to say no to a UPS driver! - Can't say I would ever sign up myself, I've never had problems talking to people. . in fact, try shutting me up!

  8. Yes this is odd and a bit creepy, LOL ! Lovely blog and I like the way you write =) xxx

    Fashion and Cookies
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  9. @Vale - n'aww you're so cute - you like the way I write? It's a style I formulated. . .called going off on random tangents all the time!! free flow!

    @Gabrielle - I'm not sure how to interpret that. . I'm going to say secretly you want the UPS guy too! :D

  10. Weird, creepy, odd... shall I go on? But it's also kinda funny too.

    I've never tried online dating but I KNOW I wouldn't try uniform dating for a fact. LOL!

    BTW --> THANKS for visiting my tiny blog :)

    Ears to the Feet
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  11. in my opinion certain types of work uniforms should only be worn with their respective profession. its not ideal to wear them for something that is not to be worn. wearing it in not proper occasion could get you in trouble.


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