Monday, 10 October 2011

5 :2 A Slight Obsession With Neon Satchels.

- It's not as if I don't have enough bags - I do! It's just that I would like one that I could carry around that's not too big ( I have a leopard print bag that is far too big and I end up filling it with useless rubbish) and not too small (i.e. will only fit my phone and keys!)

- So in love with these gorgeous bags!


- I like the idea of something traditional being brought up to speed with some nice bright colours! There are too many grey's in this world - and I am the first to admit I am guilty!

- One of my best friends has just said that I would be mistaken for a raver ( Like that's a bad thing!) if  I purchased one, but I tell you I am dangerously close to buying the yellow one!


- The first and third are from Retrosatchels and the middle is from Whitefeather

- I tell you, if my salary wasn't so small I would be dangerous!



  1. A lady never has too much bags.

    (may I have the lemon yellow one???)

  2. haha true true - opened the wardrobe this morning and they all fell on my head! bit of a health and safety issue! and of course, when I purchase I shall send it on your way :)

  3. Was that a sign?? I mean, a good sign, like buy-that-bag sign!

  4. yes! if I bought a new one. . I wouldn't have to open the wardrobe and I would be safe! you are a genius! :)

  5. perfect bag =)

  6. @ Nikol, yees, there is a VERY strong possibility that the bag will be bought on sunday if I don't find something at the vintage fair I shall be attending - I've never wanted a bag so much! haha


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