Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Love Affair With #12 : Muhr Photography (Don't You Just Hate all The Dead Flies Hanging Around?!)

- The other night I was sat in the pub after a little bit of an argument with the Mr (resolved now. kissed. made up!) with some of my best friends, because of the significant morphine consumption at the moment (still, I know, it's been a long time now!) I can't actually drink, I was having a strop as it was and one of my friends threw a magazine at me, which I then decided to read. . (antisoc, you don't need to tell me!)

- I'll get on to what I found in that magazine, which grossed me out, a little later, but first, just look at these beautiful portraits.





- After I had finished being considerably grossed out by said other art project, I stumbled across these portraits, and I love them so much. . . the simplicity of them, yet the complexity of the subject choices.

- Now, here, is what I found originally. . .


- why yes! yes these are dead flies arranged onto drawings!

dead flies

- My initial reaction is 'eugh!' - but then I started to think that actually, is rather clever, then my thoughts went to 'how many flies does this guy have in his house?!' I mean, there are plenty there, but those are just the dead ones. . . does he collect dead flies? does he re-use his dead flies? Why dead flies?!

- So many questions I want to ask the guy. . . but he redeemed himself with the portraiture!


(I'm also not going to lie, the image of the fly shaving it's legs on the toilet seat made me giggle!)

- All Images can be found here.



  1. Haha this made me laugh. Especially the one on the toilet.

    Mabel Time

  2. omg, the fly pics are so funny!!

  3. Haha - that's what you get for reading 'quality' free publications in the pub!

  4. Very surreal!! The toilet one makes me chuckle silly xxx

  5. I totally get your 'eugh!', but then you can't help smiling, isn't it?

    Thank you for making us smile :)

  6. haha thats funny! I like the one shaving it's legs too :)


  7. wow, amazing photos. totally cool. :)

    cool blog - enjoyed your photos. following via bloglovin'

    have a great day!


  8. @ Jasmine, thankyou so much you're sweet.

  9. Hi Hanna,

    I´m Magnus Muhr, the creator of the flypictures,(and the portraits):)
    I´m glad you liked them, thanks!

    And yes, I re-use the flies ;)
    And if you look carefully you can find dead flies everywere, right? ;)

    Did you know I´ve released a giftbook with the flies? You can find it here:

    And if you want too know the story behind the flyidea heres an interview with me.

    Have a good day!


  10. haha, I'm glad you found this and answered my questions! - but no, nope I definitely don't see dead flies everywhere! maybe it's the climate!!!! Thankyou for the background info!


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