Friday, 28 October 2011

101 Ways for Hanna to lose money. #1 (Tribal Impressions, Navajo Jewels.)

- You might need to play this - it's going to be a long one!

-You know when you just get so busy - and your to do list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer. . . yet you somehow have time to peruse online shops?! ha. . yes, I'm having one of those!

- I'm so snowed under with things to do . . that when I finally get a moment to myself I'm either chatting to the police (about a guy who tried to break into our house!!!) or just monging watching television!

- As much as I love Mary Portas. . . . I'm finally trying to pull myself away from doing nothing!

- I went to a Vintage Fair the other day - and oh my goodness! there was so many things I wanted to buy (I bought three things - to be revealed later!) and then so many things I wish I'd bought!

- Luckily there is another one coming up and the end of next month, and the Mr has promised to take me to it. . . someone with a better income than me! pahaha. . I joke, sort of.

- Gorgeous vintage sequin jackets will be mine!

- anyway, enough of that. . . I'm not ashamed to admit that I have an unabashed love for native american/ navajo / whatever style, especially jewellery and I do own a few vintage pieces . . . (so glad that it's back in fashion flavour of the month . . .I shall be buying quite a lot this season!) . . but imagine my excitement when I was again on etsy (longwinterfarm, this is all your fault! **shop here**) . . when I stumbled across Tribal Impressions!


- I posted a while ago, about wanting a beaded belt (still a work in progress. . i.e. it's bracelet length! haha) but this trumps that. a guitar strap. awesome!

navajo jewellery

- I love all of these! I literally would rock all of these - the only problem is, that one of my ears is stretched. . so I'm only able to wear one earring at a time at the moment. . . considering getting them pierced again so I can wear a beautiful pair!


- I do prefer the traditional colours. . . but who can resist hot pink!?

- Anyway, here's to spending all of my wages!

- Hope everyone is ok! sending love your way!



  1. Hey Hanna! Thanks for stopping by :) Those pink beaded earrings are hot!! Can't wait to see you wearing them xoxo

  2. I love those earrings - in both colors!! The hot pink is so cool!!! I'm loving your blog!! :)

  3. Love it! Super original!!

  4. Oh I definitely love the turquoise earrings. Are you familiar with the crafts made by the huichol ethnicity in Mexico? They use beads to create all sorts of patterns and symbols and it is simple beautiful. In the first link you will see what I mean, the second one explains a bit more about their culture.

  5. @ Amanda - your knowledge continues to astound me, that is so interesting thanks so much for sharing! I've seen them before, but I've never really read up on the culture . . . bit embarassing really, I should start!

  6. Oh well, I am mexican :) and this culture happen to live in an area that borders the state where I grew up on.... if you start asking me about cultural details in Scandinavia I will probably have no idea , so no reason to be embarassed ;)

  7. well, I am indeed an expert on scandinavian culture. . . :D . . .I joke, but I understand your point. . but I like to think Im quite open minded, one of my best friends is from Iran, another from Ireland (no comment!) and I do like to know random things about random subjects. . I'm waffling. ah well!

  8. Ooh the beading detail on there is amazing, I'm in love with navajo stuff at the moment too, it's becoming a bit of an addiction!

  9. thanks a lot for your sweet comment!!! I'm agree with you the pink ones will rocks!!!!



  10. fantastic pics!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!!! follower in bloglovin


  11. Looove the beaded hooped earrings!!
    and the necklace. :D

    I have always loved native americans!! I love their history, and love their culture ♥

    Hi :)
    Thank you for your awesome commnet on my Halloween nails post!
    I'm glad to know that there was someone out there who did the same exact thing like me on Halloween day! :D lol. Made me smile ♥
    hahaha...yeaah...I don't think I did that well on the test, but way better than the first. :/ It's a political science class. T.T
    YEAH @ THE SUNNY WARM WEATHER OVER OCTOBER/NOVEMBER!! Last yr, around november it started getting cold, but this yr, seems like the sun is staying
    around a loooooooot longer! global warming, I say! lol It's kind of scary, because we cali's are going to adabt to this weather, that when
    we deal with actual cold, we may not stand it or survive it. you know? Like were not going to adapt to the cold environment, because were
    getting warm weather so much, that, it's not even normal. LOL Because back in the 90's, I remeber growing up, the weather was never like this!
    We had actual fall and winter weathers. I mean, I'm not complaining, I sude do looooove the sun, but sometimes i wonder, how I'll adapt to colder
    climates. :/ I guess it's good to live in a balanced place when it comes to weather. lol. Sorry, I can go on about this. ^^

    Thanks for the follow too! :)


  12. Oh, also, loove the sia song/video you put on your about me page. :D Looove sia, such a creative music artist! ♥

  13. LUSH! I am liking turquoise ones : )

  14. This is a great post and I love the photos.


  15. I totally agree, while the traditional colors are amazing, hot pink also works wonders with the navajo style! Love all the pieces you put together!
    Thanks for the sweet words, my smiley pumpkin is delighted that you liked him :))

  16. hey, I only wear one big earring at a time, ever! So we can half the expenses!! :D

    wow!! a guitar strap???

  17. @ sara - if your addiction out addicts mine, you are in some serious trouble!

    @CGG - you are most welcome, and I'd like to think so, now I just need to construct an outfit to match the rest of it!

    @ Eliza, your comment made me smile so much, thanks :) I'm pretty sure you will adapt! - either that or it is just an excuse to buy more clothes when the weather front does hit! political science huh? I'm so glad I never had to do that! I'm crossing my fingers for you all the best! Oh and Sia is the best. . . It is a close link to my cousin, me and him both enjoy so I always think of him whenever I hear her!

    @Katrina - LUSH!! :D haven't heard that in years! might bring it back into my vocab!!!! I think the blue ones would suit you! especially with your colouring :)

    @ Lou -thank you :)

    @ Fashionthroughtravel, hot pink works with most things! I think you'll find it works brilliantly with leopard print too. .. haha!

  18. @Inês - yerp a guitar strap, I wonder how long that took! . . and SORTED . . never need to worry about having a spare earring anymore ;)

  19. Great jewelry Hanna!!!
    Love the photos!!!

  20. The earrings are so cute & would totally make lots of simple outfits, a good investment ;)

  21. Thanks for your essay, I LOVE them. xo

  22. i love the earrings :)

  23. Hanna,

    To respond to your lovely comments:

    -The plastic actually was not a bag so much as it was a sheet. Therefore, it was wrapped around me, and held loosely together with some tape at my back. But I did have a small opening in the back of my head, so every 20 seconds or so I would turn around to sneak in maybe ten inhales/exhales.

    -And I like your explanation of the Zara video. And it's true: they seem to try to be reaching an outsider crowd of more artistically inclined people, which is great/new considering that they are a fairly large retailer.

    I'm glad you're engaging with my posts!! :)


  24. LOVE it! Super nice colours and patterns xoxo

  25. @ Balkis as long as you could breathe! I also agree with the Zara thing, here they appear to be inclined only to smarter wear, women with money, who work in offices.

    @ Eva - thanks, I tend to agree :p

  26. so colorful, i specially love the bracelet ^^
    really nice blog, i'm keeping an eye on it :3
    love * Monstros no Armário


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