Sunday, 16 October 2011

Store Lovin' #3 : Longwinterfarm (Some Gorgeous Cosmetics!)

-So, a couple of months ago, I don't know how or I'm not sure why, I think it was on my quest for a new perfume (damn you lacoste, bring back inspiration! it's my scent, without you I am scentless!)

-I really struggle to find perfumes that I like the smell of, perfumes that are not too sweet, not too flowery, not too musky, not too. . yada yada yada!

store love

-Anyway, somehow I stumbled across Longwinterfarm on Etsy, and decided it was worth a bash, I bought a perfume oil and two lipbalms (me and lipbalm, you know! I can't get enough, I hate lipgloss - too sticky - feels like goosefat, but you can't beat a good lipbalm!)

allready bought like!

-I bought the ginger peach lipbalm, the beachday perfume oil and the licorice lipbalm (which I don't appear to be able to find anymore - boo, it's awesome!)

- I LOVE these so much, I can't even explain it!

- The lipbalms are ace, and just superior quality, I get annoyed if I can't find one of them!, until now I have been an avid user of burts bees, but I tell you they have competition now!

- I've never really used perfume oil before so was uber curious. . and I'm so glad I chose to purchase, I LOVE this aswell - it smells so summery! I'm actually - as we speak (i.e. I'm multi-tasking which in my world is code for getting very distracted!) ordering some more goodies because I am so impressed

- I'm even throwing in one for my best friend Suki but shh don't tell her!!

will be mine pronto 

- Chai! I have high expectations, especially due to the copious amounts of chai latte I drink on a regular basis!

will be mine pronto dos

- The only problem with these is the packaging (i.e. I chuck them around a lot in the bottom of my bag and they tend to get a little tatty) but, I can deal, means nothing to me!

- I also have REALLY dry skin on my hands, smoking, whatever, and I usually carry around  moisturiser with me, but I didn't have anything on me apart from my perfume oil, which I used, and oh my goodness how moisturising?!  Win!

- Go check out the shop, then buy some stuff, then realise why Im so in love!!!!!

- Oh and how ridiculously cute is their profile please?! This description made me smile silly amounts!

About me:: I'm a 30 year old mom of two living in western Maine, where I share my life with kitties, puppies, and my favorite boy, Joe. I'm a major craft addict, playing with sewing, knitting, spinning, felt crafts, candle making, embroidery, and of course, soaping! Yup, I'm one busy chick. Nope, I don't take naps.[. . .] About Joe: Joe's my very best friend, boyfriend, and business partner, and there's a good 50-70% chance he'll be the one packing your order. What's he like? Well, he's good at washing his hands, being pretty tall, having an Indiana twang, and randomly breaking into Rick Roll songs

RIGHTO off to spend more money! Toodles!



  1. Haha , "multi-tasking which in my world is code for getting very distracted!" . I think I must live in that same world.
    My favorite perfume is also not made anymore and I haven't really found a replacement... it was In Love Again by YSL, and it was acid, fruity, fresh and not too sweet. Just perfect. There is nothing like it now.I also use Happy , but it is not quite the same.
    Oh and on the lip balm, I love some that I used to buy in Spain they come in a small antique art-deco like tin, and they come in different fruity flavors. I must still have some... if you like I can send you some.

  2. I love perfumes! My fav is actually one that isn't very known, called Love love from Moschino!

  3. @ Amanda - haha you know how I do! Do you mean Happy by Clinique? It's so annoying when they discontinue you're favourite! I can't replace it - the only way I can describe it is it smelt 'clean' haha . . and antique art deco tins. . . hmm?

    @Aida - you do realise that I am going to go sniff that now don't you?! ]

    @Tess - Thanks! have a nice day!

  4. @ Hanna yeah, Happy by Clinique, the classic one. Can I email you?

  5. Yeas of course you can, my email is around on this page somewhere (stress the somewhere no idea where I put it) but it's esparracatreina (@) :)

  6. thanks for visiting my blog :)

  7. Thanks for your sweet comment! These lipbalms sound lush, getting them fo sho! : ) oh yeah, my shoe size is....UK8. Rather embarrassed about it!! Huge. No surprises b'cos Im 5ft8 so I am pretty a giant! Xx

  8. These sound like really good products. I would love to try them!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. @Sofie - you are most welcome!

    @Katrina - size 8?! send them my way!!! we can sooo trade!! luckily I live in a house with three of my best friends that all have the same size feet so I'm set for life 4x the amount of shoooes!!

    @Bonnie - I so reccomend, they are just adoreable and their products really are lovely - have become an every day staple.


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