Wednesday, 12 October 2011

5 :3 Interior Decorating With Hanna! (Sensible, Obviously) #2

Tie Dye Curtains?! - Yea go on then - (Have since been asked if I'm a hippy more than once, but I have no problems with this!)


- I just have this thing with colours . . . "If you have a positive environment. .  " and all that jazz! - you should see my kitchen knives. . .neon!

- This is how I created a spiral design on each curtain.  . the spirals are actually about two thirds up, which I was quite surprised at, I didn't know I was that good at measuring!



- I let them set overnight, allthough you can leave them for much longer, which if I did it again I probably would leave them a couple of days. It's a little worrying because the colours begin to bleed and you think it will end up one big mess. . . you'll surprise yourself!


- The quality of this picture is appalling, the yellow shows up as beige (and please excuse my dress hanging in the background! I'm apparenately too daft to crop pictures, which is ok, because if you look carefully at the picture of the washing machine you can see my face! haha. concentration 101!!)

-But the point of the picture is to give you a rough idea of the type of pattern it creates!


- I do have alternative curtains for this room, when I get bored. . . but I think it makes a change, being that all of our walls are painted magnolia!

- Anyway - toodles for now!



  1. I've been dying to try it. tie dyeing stuff... One of this days I will!

  2. I have two words. DO IT! :)

  3. TY - I've wanted to make tie-dye curtains all summer

  4. Love it!!! Great idea!!

  5. Love your curtains! My sister LOVES making tie dye t-shirts. I'm going to send her over here. I also pin one of your pics on my Pinterest board. Thanks for the tutorial!
    Since I won't have snow around me this year, I'd love a picture of your snow as seen from your tie dyed curtained windows this winter. :-)

  6. you know what I think? everyone should just get themselves some tie dye curtains! . .. makes my house a happier place!!!!

    plus it's not like you are changing the colour of the walls - you can replace them uber easily!

    @cheryl . . definitely a picture of snow relation coming your way when it hits us this year. yous wait!

  7. LoL, I'm Cheryl's sister, and yes, I love your curtains! Now I'm eyeing the window beside my desk--betcha that'd be really cool... =]

  8. I reckon they'd be pretty darn cool - hop to it and I want evidence ;) - If Im in a good mood i might even post some pictures of mine hanging -not from the washing line - up !

  9. wow! absolutely grat DIY! love it! I really like your blog, so what about following each other? Just let me know if you followed me and I follow you back then! ;) xo Vivi

  10. Looove this!! TURNED OUT VERY COOL AND NICE!!! :D

    Great job!! :D

    -Eliza :)


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