Sunday, 9 October 2011

5 :1 Locking the Windows & Doors - Security Light ON [Some Scary Happenings in Hanna's World]

Helo bawb,

- So it's been a while, a little too long if you ask me!

- How's everyone doing? good?

- This past month has been absoluteley crazy, so much has been going on! (and if you've ever tried to install functioning internet into a house where the nearest power supply to your phone line is up two flights of stairs - you'll feel my pain, it involved lifting up a carpet and a ridiculously LONG phone line!)

- I've moved back abroad, away from the wonder that is England! (God bless)

- I just wanted to talk about something quite serious actually, currently in my city (TINY city, but still) we have an insanely low crime rate, everybody knows everybody else and in general I have always felt quite safe here, but just recently we have had a spate of kidnappings ( I KNOW - what. the. heck?!)

- It's the sort of thing you would just knock to the back of your mind and think would never happen to you. Until it happens to your next door neighbour, then two of your best friends nearly get pulled into a car on their way home, - a BIT of police presence would be nice!

- It's actually really quite scary, because until recently I would have been more than happy to walk through the city on my own at 2am (and have done) It's not a nice feeling to feel unsafe in your own home.


- my heart is with you all, stay safe.



  1. Oh dear!that's not good, stay safe my lovely!

  2. I know! it's insane! It's been a few scary weeks, especially since it's been going on all through the city. :s

  3. I'm glad you are back, and you are definitely safe her with us. But that is weird yeah, kidnappings so close, and in such a small place. Just be extra careful please?

  4. I like to think I'm a ninja and could take them (I know in reality I probably couldn't) I stayed at a friends house the other night, and didn't mention to my housemate. . she was going to call the police and was in tears when I got back . . oops! I'll be careful! I promise :)

  5. Nice to have you back! This is so bizarre...We're not safe anywhere, anymore. What world is this?? Stay safe. We need you here.

  6. I know! I couldn't believe it, I don't like the thought of being unsafe. everyone needs to be careful I hate the thought of it happening to anyone. :(


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