Saturday, 13 August 2011

The August Break 2011: #11 (And Han's Relationship Issues!)

- This is literally all I wanted all day.

- I know, as far as picture quality goes, it's pretty shocking, but it represented my day really well.

(August Break 2011 : #11)

- It's amazing how much of a bad day you are having and just the supportive hand of someone close to you, reassuring you that everything is going to be ok, will make you feel a billion times happier.

- Righto : I've had two emails in the last week, asking me if I have a boyfriend. (yes) . . but here's why it may have slipped past you!

- I don't like blogs where people ram their relationship down your throat. I mean, I'm glad you have a boyfriend and all. . don't get me wrong, but your significant other is not what makes you, you.

- I feel this way in life too. One of my friends got VERY angry with me because she felt that I wasn't spending enough time with her. Where I had gone from living with her and seeing her a good twelve hours a day, to seeing her three or four evenings a week (She has since found a girlfriend and I haven't seen her in near enough five months) I think it's about finding a balance (old married couples - you're off the hook!)

(TEA after a shopping spree?!)

(he really hates me taking pictures, so I went all stealth mode! don't know how he managed to miss my camera. . it's big enough! but shhhh)

- When I was single (and hurting- because in the end I started to enjoy singledom) in the blogs I found, if they were all soppy and "BBZ I luv yhoo/ I love my babba, he is the best thing I ever found" I immediately left the blog. I couldn't stand it. I don't mind the odd mention here and there, but I really hate the constant reminder that your life is not as good.

- Trust me I could go on about how amazing the boy is (he works with disabled people doing music workshops, and with children, and is just one of the most caring people ever) and I have written about him before, but I will always refer to him as my friend, because he is first and foremost my friend.

(Swear down, he's a woman, owns more shoes than I do!)

- I just come across way to many blogs, who seem to just flaunt their boyfriends because it makes them sound 'cool'- I'm not one for judging others' relationships, but to me, a relationship is an intimate thing, it's a meaningful thing, not a status badge or a facebook update.

- Either way, yes I have a boyfriend, yes I love him, and yes he is one of the most amazing men I know (my Dad, Brother &Grandad being the others).


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