Saturday, 18 June 2011

You're Wearing That? #1

- England. What a place.

- Ever since I was little I have wanted to leave, and I did, but my summer seasons are always spent here. This however, will be the last summer in good ol' blighty; Next year, New Zealand! Rather excited for my perpetual Winter if I am completely honest! Longing to be home in the mountains!!

- One thing that I do enjoy about England is. . . Tekkies. Tesco is without a shadow of a doubt THE BEST SHOP EVER!! They will be taking over the world shortly, I'm just waiting for it, and never let it be said that I didn't predict it! My love affair for Tesco's aside, When one is having a shitty day, it is surprising what a little Primark and a little Tesco can do to one's mood!

- I always aim to never be head to toe in Primarni, and I came scarily close today to not achieving that goal!

- So many things today have brought my mood down, not least I got my hours for work for the next two weeks, (14 days of 5am starts. Save me!) but a pair of starry (dangerously close to pyjama style) shorts in my favourite colour cheered me up no end!

Shorts - Tesco
Everything Else - Primark (!!)

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