Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Love Affair With: Elizaveta Porodina #3

- Today has been one of those days, harassment at work was at an all time high. I won't rant, but I just think some people are so rude, and that they should treat people the way they wish to be treated; unless, of course, they want to be treated like crap, in which case they should probably go see a shrink (or set up house in a cave a LONG way away from me!).

- A while ago I stumbled accross the work of Elizaveta Porodina, and have since developed a little bit of a crush on her! - just look at her she's so adorable!!

- Seriously, this girl is a genius! All of her work is amazing! Anyone who knows me, knows I have a little thing for a. glitter and b. bright colours. This lady encapsulates both!

- Her work is described as showing "glam rock fairy" and I don't think this is a bad description.

- Her series 'Prayers For Rain' has to be one of my favourites, the pictures are so original, I've never seen anything like it before (well apart from in James Bond)

- For a girl in her twenties, her work is a cut above the rest, I expect great things from her, she's definitely one to watch!




- All pictures can be found here
Elizaveta Porodina 2011

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