Thursday, 23 June 2011

13. Moccasins are the Best Shoes Ever!

- Everyone should have a favourite pair of shoes!

- The ones you wear into the ground, whether it be a pair of converse (and they go at the heel), a pair of Vans slip ons (same problem) or a pair of Moccasins!

- Everyone I know mocks me for these shoes, ("Han, are you wearing slippers?"/ "Alright granny shoes?") this makes me sad! They are my all time favourite pair of shoes. Before these I had a pair of tan leather ones, and I wore those into the ground aswell, The sole was completely obliterated, and I ended up pulling it off on a day trip around Liverpool (most inconvenient).

- Not only am I mocked for these shoes, I am mocked for buying them from Marks and Spencers! There are a few pairs of moccasins on the highstreet at the moment that I would without a doubt consider, but most of them are so hard. I hate new shoes that give blisters, and the quality of these shoes is just not up to par, especially when they are charging the same as I bought these for. I am buying another pair from M&S - Probably in a tan colour.

- My obsession with moccasins is quite ridiculous. It has come to the point of me wishfully typing into Ebay, in the hope some beautiful boots will come my way!

- I am seriously lusting after some moccasin boots, preferably with fringe, preferably with embroidery. I LOVE the Manitobah pair, but the TopShop ones are probably a little more in my price range at the moment! If you find any; send them my way!

- The Manitobah website *ClickyClicky* is awesome, and I have had the background music playing the entire time I have been writing this post. I probably shouldn't be looking at these shoes though, I need to pay rent and buy food before I buy more shoes.

- The music on the website reminds me of the music we used to file into assembly to when we were little at school. That or Shakira!. . . (but that's for another day Shakira = awesome)

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