Tuesday, 14 June 2011

4. Hazy Evenings With Friends

- Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if sweatpants were sexy, Mondays were fun, junk food didn’t make you fat, girls didn’t cause so much drama, guys weren’t so confusing and goodbye’s only meant until tomorrow.

- One of my best friends is leaving. I don't think he realises how much I lean on him for support, and how much I will miss him. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, and he makes me forget all of the sadness in my heart. He is truly one of the best people I know, he lives by his own rules, does his own thing, and does what makes him happy. He's kind and caring, and never seems to let things get the better of him. I can't speak highly enough of him. I wish I could be more like him, and even though he is only leaving for three months, that's three months too long. I miss him already, and he hasn't even left yet.

- Unemployment isn't fun! I'm so bored! The stupid thing is, I have a job, I just can't attend until some paperwork is done, and it's taking forever!!! I'm considering donating my time to a local charity shop, just because I think it would be something worthwhile, and would take my mind off the sheer boredom of unemployment. I don't know how people do it, I really don't. I will go stir-crazy if I am left alone much longer.

- With that said, my evening was spent eating vegetable tart with spinach salad, which is my new obsession (words cannot describe how much I LOVE spinach). The evening was so beautiful, and considering today was so muggy, it cleared up a little as the temperature fell, so we decided to go for a drive, places we visit almost daily, yet never really stop to appreciate. A very nice end to a hectic day of job hunting.

- This makes me happy, being with people I care about, people who love me, listening to laid back music, and appreciating the beauty of what we have. (sometimes I relapse into a little retail therapy, but that is another story!) I want to know what makes everyone else happy?

- As I mentioned before, the soundtrack to Easy Rider is the soundtrack to my May/June, so I leave you with it, listen, chill, and in honour of my friend, embrace the moment and be happy.

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