Saturday, 17 September 2011

4 :6 Interior Decorating With Hanna! (Sensible, Obviously)

- So, as you may know (I've been banging on about it enough) I'm moving house! in two days!! . . . and when you are moving house, I know you start to think about the practical things like where are you going to put this bit of furniture etc etc. (I'm now panicing about this, I have no idea where to put anything, and, I've packed. nothing!)

- Not me, no not me, the first thing I think about when I'm moving house is that it MUST. HAVE. BUNTING!

- I know I know, not logical, nor is it very practical, nor is it very useful! but it's so pretty, and there is just something about bunting that makes me love it so much!!!

- So I went to the market and picked up this


- I know you can buy bunting - but let's just look at suspect numero uno. Urban Outfitters (totally not dissing, I love UO and as I'm sat here writing this I'm wearing one of their *more expensive* tops!) they currently have two lots of bunting for sale.

bunting uo2bunting uo

- The Rob Ryan Bunting which is 5 metres and costs £25 (who's Rob Ryan when it's at home!?) and the Scrumptious Bunting which is 3 metres and costs £10, and is made of 'shower proof paper' and ribbon.

- Now where else would you go to buy bunting?! I don't even know, I just think I can do better! (and now I know I can!)

-I also picked up as much tape as my £4 would let me (just short of 11 metres!)


- I know it looks a little complicated, but was really just one evening of sitting sewing whilst watching the television (bridezilla's - in case you were wondering!) all cut (three different fabrics 1 purple gingham 1 coloured polka dot and 1 floral - my mother thought I was going insane and that they needed to be colour coordinated, I informed her she was incorrect and that mis-matched was the way forward!) then sewed (we really didnt even need to pin them) then turned inside rightside out and onto the tape! (that was the bit that took the longest!)


- Bunting is awesome!

- This is obviously not in my new house yet - I just wanted to look at it because it was sooo pretty!!!

- And I have 11 metres of bunting, for about a tenner, beat that 'scrumptious' bunting and your 'shower proof paper'!!!



  1. Oh so pretty! I seriously need to learn how to use the sewing machine. It is gonna look super cute. Congratulations with the new place and good luck with the big move!

  2. haha thanks, STILL haven't packed anything - I'm currently 'mentally' making lists!!

  3. This bunting is so cute! It's nice to have fun new decorations when you move into a new home! I hope the move goes well! :)

  4. thankyouuu! It won't go smoothly - it's me and I'm a walking disaster area! . .. but it will be pretty in its mess! my to do list is sooo long!! Im getting worried now!

  5. oh what a lovely post!! :-)

  6. Haha mental lists. I also do those. All the time. The boy never believes me. He wants everything on paper.

  7. @Philo thankyou so much, I'm glad you appreciate the true beauty of bunting - it's an art form if you ask me!

    @Amanda - babe, you just do it your way, it's when other people start interfering that it gets messy! I'm so glad the boy is away at a wedding tonight - not sure how I can dispose of the mother though! Everything packed up and mostly loaded, just got the beauty department left to shift (but I need the war paint for tomorrow morning!!!)

  8. oh and @Amanda - just go for it with the sewing machine it's so easy, I think people just have this mental block when it comes to it, but take my approach and pretend you're expert at it (even before you have tried it!) and 9 times out of 10 you are better than you thought you would be! . . . . hope you know what I'm on about here!!!

  9. This is awesome! I'll be following your tips - for my little shed! Hope the move went smoothly and congratulations on becoming a Mrs to be!

  10. oh... I love bunting! and yours turned out so pretty! I did some myself and I'm planing to hide christmas lights along the ribbon to light up special dinner parties. I think I'll share that too someday. need to stop borrowing my mom's sewing machine and get my own!

  11. Yay bunting, it kitches up anything!

  12. @APlanetAway SUCH a stressful move - and only finally have internet back today after a couple of hours on the phone with our provider! but my house looks pretty so it's ok, and thank you so much!

    @Inês christmas lights? bunting? you are my hero! I still borrow my mothers sewing machine! it's ancient but sooo much better than some of the new ones - feels sturdy!

    @sara I know, you can only imagine what I get like when I'm decorating! flamingo pink washing up bowl? go on then!

  13. I love bunting! Yours looks perfect. I just bought some cute fabric to make my own!
    And thank you for the versatile blogger award, you're lovely!

  14. Ooo I love the prints you chose! Especially the floral ones! They are so summery and fun

  15. @ Lucy - it needs to be shown when it is constructed!!!

    @Bani - naww thankyou, they just cheer me up a little! even if they are completely clashing!


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