Saturday, 3 September 2011

4 :1 Some Crazy Big ThankYou's! & Lots of Love

- People may, or may not know that I have been really unwell at the moment,
I say unwell- I mean immobile! (I feel fine, apart from the chronic pain whenever I move/ the ridiculous amount of medication which makes me uber drowsy!)

-But from the first time I mentioned this injury (I know I'm not supposed to start a sentance with a 'but'- and from someone with a degree in English this is atrocious, but I don't care!) The few comments I recieved from a few people made me feel so much better, I can't thank you enough, you really lifted my spirits. So raise your *cyber*glassses to these beautiful ladies and go explore their wonderful sites - I know I have been doing on my phone when I haven't had accesss to my computer!


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- I'm really sorry if I forgot anyone, but I honestly appreciated every single word, as I was sat in the hospital using my mobile internet (the only outlet I had to the outside world!) I was so surprised at the well wishings and comments, and even if it has taken me a while to catch up (and trust me, I'm SLOWLY getting round to answering my emails, hundreds in my inbox *screams*) my response is as genuine as it ever was!

- Mush, over now! much love. 



  1. Oh, this is so sweet. I am glad to hear that you are slowly feeling better. Just take it easy, and keep your energy and good mood. Sending hugs. You will be able to move soon.

  2. haha, made a few mistakes this weekend, stopped taking painkillers because I wanted to go see my boyfriends band play (they were brilliant! - so worth it!) but I realised after I'd driven there that I should NOT have been driving, I was soo drowsy (scary and didn't do it again!) I also then rushed home this morning took all my medication and have not been able to move since! - feeling a little down because I can't do the simple little things you take for granted. . . ugh. . . oh well, all wil be well! cariad.

  3. You are so sweet...Let's do a trade! ;-)

    Go slow...stay ahead of your patient...All so simple to say, but I know NOT easy to do. You are stronger than you think. Hang in there. Be still when you need to be...a new day is coming.

    Thank you for the shout made my day.

  4. Girl... If you could just see me now, you'd see my big smile! You're so sweet!
    I'm so glad you're in a good mood! I can see you are truly a force of nature. I admire how you overcome things with such a strenght... it's inspiring.

  5. @Cheryl. . how bouts we trade when I'm back to normal? ;) Thanks for the advice, I know it's what I'm meant to do but it's so frustrating because I'm such an active person! Patience is NOT a virtue I own!

    @Inês you always make me smile so it's nice to return the favour

  6. OOOH YOU'RE SOOO SWEET!! Don't know what to say.. :) You made my day!! If you could see the smile on my face right now... :)
    Thanks again <3
    xo xo

  7. @Serena, you crazy lady, it was you who was kind to me in the first place, which is why I was saying thankyou to you!!


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