Saturday, 3 September 2011

The August Break 2011: #28, #29, #30 & #31 (In September, Because I'm Useless!)


- I started with a flower, so I shall end with a flower. The colours certainly sum up summer, bright, vibrant and totally happy!

- Seashores, chronic hills, and abandoned train stations, all factors which make up a brilliant summer. Allthough in my head, summer isn't over yet, nor will it be for a while, the weather is deciding differently. 




- If you're in the Wirral area (I won't make any comments on the area, because it is a person who lives there whom I do not like, not the area, the area is lovely!) Then definitely make a stop by Hadlow Road train station, it doesn't exist anymore, but you can have a good poke around and it's not set out all museum style, so you really can go on an adventure. Even if you don't do the bike ride trail along the old line, stop and have a picnic!



  1. Oh the seashore. There is something magic about it. And old , abandoned train stations are so mysterious. They made me think of a short story, El guardagujas, by Juan Jose Arreola. Here it is... I think you will be able to read it :

  2. ooo thankyou so much for the link!

  3. beautiful photos- thanks for the comment and visiting my blog! xox


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