Monday, 5 March 2012

10 :1 Granola!

- Hello everybody, so, it's been a while!

- My life has been SO BUSY! I really don't know where my days have gone!

- Being that Im the ridiculously busy person I am in the morning, (i.e. I can't be bothered to get up in the morning on time!) I never really eat breakfast as well as I should -

- So recently I have been making a really big effort to at least eat something in the morning, which is where I discovered my love for Granola.

granola 2

- I was also sat down one evening after working all day and I was talking to Pete (The favourite man in my life) who was mocking my choice in food, saying anyone else would just have a bacon sandwich and I have to go be ridiculous and want granola. . . you know what? I don't think it's that weird!! I like it!

- Long story short, he mocked, said it was easier to make a sandwich, I decided it would be fun to make granola. . . and here we are!

- The original recipe was found ** here **
buut I decided with a few tweaks it would be better!

- I used chopped prunes and a tropical fruit mix instead of the berries, I also changed the way it bakes, instead of baking with the fruit in, I find this can make it a little bitter (I really don't know why, but it does!) I add the fruit afterward.


- As a side note, I've been watching rubbish on youtube tonight, (no comments required, there was nothing on tv!) and I found this video. . . I really like her attitutde, a lot of people I know will start a fight out of nothing, so it was really nice to hear someone say, you know what, it isn't worth it!

- Apart from that. . . I hope everyone is well. and, Happy March!

Some interesting Factoids This Week!
Trains scare me, for good reason, this is so sad The snow is back! after a light covering last night the mountains are looking really pretty This is odd, because here in town it has been super sunny and warm! seee ---> PRETTY Angola and Andorra are NOT the same place, well done CNN. Shopping online will be the death of me! I'm very against drugs. - This is just through the result of knowing some pretty heavy addicts in the past I don't like how drugs are prescribed, and then afterwards the side effects are noted. DEATH is a pretty big side effect!



  1. I luuurve granola! I just ate granola for dinner, haha! Yours looks yummy!

    1. Granola is not a suitable dinner food madam! haha, I'm joking, totally sounds like the sort of thing I would do!


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