Wednesday, 28 December 2011

7 :2 A Slight Obsession With Peach Maxi Skirts - I'm Taking my Mind From the Fact I am Going to be Frightened to Death This Eve.


- There is just something about the billowing of fabric around your legs as you walk, the elegance of the flowing material.

- I love wearing maxi skirts - even in the winter - I love it so much because when it is so cold I can put leggings on underneath, and no one knows!

- My boyfriend (who refers to my taste in fashion as 'hobo') HATES with a passion my collection of  long skirts.


- I can't help it though, I love how demure, and how unrevealing they are.

- Perhaps I was born in the wrong time era. . . or maybe I should be Amish. . but I'm going to continue to wear my skirts!


- I think long gone are the days where long skirts were simply for the frumpy, high fashion breathes longer hemlines and everyday outfits should be able to carry off such a simple statement.

- This current obsession began with the first image, which I found on tumblr - I just loved the swathes of peachy fabric against the sharp black blazer. . . So now I am in search of a peachy skirt - but it must be just right, tight maxi skirts are perhaps (along with being a MAJOR throwback of the 90's) the
most unflattering things known to man.

- I think it is a common view that only tall people can wear maxi skirts, is it not? For fear of the shorter among us becoming swallowed in the long hemlines - I don't have this problem, being the giant I am! - but I don't believe it is exactly true (google the Olsen twins, they are teeny-tiny and wear long hems all the time. . they look stunning doing so).

- On most occasions I listen to the man, but this time I think I will ignore him ( I think he just wants me to get my legs out!!) He takes me shopping in beautiful vintage stores ( I will have to show you some of my recent purchases) and happily pulls pieces from the shelves for me. . . but I'm  not having this one. I AM RIGHT - did he not know that? I'm always correct!!

- What do you think? Yay or Nay? Should we tuck the long skirts away and stick to the shorter versions, or are you in on the long skirt?

- Happy Wednesday! - I hope everyone is well - I'm going on a ghost walk (terrified) so it could be an interesting one! Much love.

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  1. They're gorgeous!!

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  3. I have to say I love long skirts too, I don't use them because I'm really small and with big hips so I don't even no how to describe the way I look with this skirts (something between a fat hamish and a "saloia" (a portuguese term for this women But if it suits you well then go for it, really! My boyfriend yesterday, about the yellow bow, said in a funny way "can't you be normal?" and "you can take that off, we already took the pictures". So, they don't really understand some passions we have, I already gave up hhaha.
    And you are right, with leggings our tights underneath the skirt you'll be warm and no one will notice.

    Thanks for the comment and if you cut your hair I wanna see it! It took me so long to decide to cut mine, but eventually it happened (now, like always, I'm waiting for him to grow up again and when it's big I'll probably think about cutting it again, I'm never satisfied xD)


    Lily from

  4. I like long skirts, I used to wear them a lot. All kinds. But once a boy in an airport asked me if I was some kind of nun (??) . It was a black skirt with sunflowers from Zara, that I thought was fashionable.
    I think they can be very cool but they are tricky to style.
    I also love short skirts .
    It is middle (below the knee skirts) that I find impossible to wear.

  5. I looove maxi pleated, sheer skirts!!!
    LOL @ your BF!

    Wow, how tall are you?
    I think shorter girls can wear maxi skirts, but it has to be the right one ofr them, and plus, they can wear heels with them, so they can look taller and not feel like being swallowed by the fabric. :)
    WOOOOW, you have a nice BF, takes you vintage shopping :D lol How cute. :)

    Well...I love short skirts, but nothing skanky lol, just the cute lenght, you know, but I also love the maxi skirts, as long as it's pleated, and or sheer. :)
    Maxi skirts have GROWN ON me this yr! :D ♥

    Thank you for your comment on my sisters xmas nails, lol, she had patience because she was bored! LOL! ;D

    -Eliza :)

  6. Yay!
    I'm with you on this one, lady! I'm all for the long skirts. That peachy one, oh dear me!!
    Let the man talk at ease. And politely ignore! ;)
    We're always right, of course! ahaha

  7. Ohmygosh, I have that exact photo of Diana Agron saved on my computer, I love her outfit so much. <3 I really want to get a long nude or pink skirt too, I have so many outfits in mind. :)

  8. do wear long skirts they are so classic!! i have black ones but it is transparent so i only wear it at summers, with little black skirt underneath obviously i wouldnt want to show my knickers hehe

    xo katrina

  9. Love these skirts! They are so pretty!

  10. you know what, you've all just reaffirmed that I am not crazy!

    @Lily, I DID cut my hair about six inches off, and a full head of foils so it's a LOT blonder - still not sure how I feel about it, I mean it's SHORT!

    @Amanda, Im not sure how sunflowers says nun. . but that boy must not have known what a nun was!

    @Eliza- tooooo tall! I do have a wonderful man (I think really he is a girl! take him shopping for hours and he doesn't complain, but it's only because I can go to the trade shop with him and 'look at xbox games on the top shelf with him'!!)

    @Inês I AM always right! how did you know?!

    @Summer, I know what you mean, I am going to be trying to re-create this outfit, and I'm not her biggest fan, but soo pretty here!

    @Katrina! you made me giggle so much! I have a sheer black one too!! just invested see (invested, yes! necessity!) but with leggings on underneath - I think it's pretty season appropriate! get your knickers out!!!! (I joke! wear it now!)

  11. I love long skirts! I think they feel feminine and super old school. I feel like all medieval and romantic when I wear one. And they're so flowy and comfortable. I'm keeping the long skirts :)

  12. @ Arielle - are we forgetting the 90's skin tight maxi skirt revival? haha. . I vote you keep them too as long as you don't look like scary spice(unless that's what you are going for?!)


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