Sunday, 11 December 2011

Songs on Sunday #11

- So it's come to that time again, the end of the week, or the beginning of a new one?

christmas lights on fence

- When I was little I was always told to keep Sunday in mind as the beginning of a new week, not the end, it took a good few years to realise no one else thinks like this. To everyone else the end of the week is a sunday.

- I never really liked Sundays, and I can't think why, I have no reason not to like them. I think it is because I am busy all week and then it all comes crashing to an end on a sunday. The nothing-ness of a Sunday leads me to be at a loss for something to do (so I get myself into trouble or stay in bed!)

- Christmas is drawing ever closer and I find myself suddenly sedate, like I am trying to cling on to the end of the year as much as I can. This time last year I promised myself the following year would be better than the one previously, and this is a promise I am making myself again this year. I didn't think I would have to, I didn't think there was a way in which my year could get much worse than it was, it did, but things always have to get worse to get better right? Because although I've had some pretty big battles this year, I can honestly say I am happy. I hope everyone else is happy too.

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  1. And you fought and won those battles. I am so glad to hear you're happy. Now will listen to your songs !

  2. yay i love your thinking . and i love friday so much .
    by the way thank you for your lovely tunes that you select !! :)

  3. @ Amanda - Yeaaaa I did! (There is something for you in the new year!)

    @Naomi - thankyou, and you are most welcome!


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