Wednesday, 11 January 2012

8 :3 James Vincent McMorrow. Dublin's Finest.

- I want to work in advertising. This is no secret. I scrutinise adverts on the television with more effort than I put into my degree. The love film advert had a beautiful song in the background. . . but what was it?!

-I found it. I fell in love.


- Another poorly kept secret is that I have a bit of a thing for men with beards. (fat men with beards, who usually smoke a lot, drink a lot, and get me into trouble, but that is a whole other story)


- this song has been the soundtrack to my week. When I'm wide awake at night because I'm pumped full of morphine - when all I want is the man next to me - but he is 10 miles away (so close, yet so far) and fast asleep, because he has to get up for work at 5. That's when this song comes out.

- It's rare I find songs beautiful, but this rendition is nothing short of.

-To be fair, James Vincent McMorrow (could he not have found a stage name? a shorter stage name!?) has been compared to Sufjan Stevens whom I am in love with anyway, so he never really stood much of a chance!

- His Website has a few interesting tidbits (and a show I WILL be attending as it is in the city my brother lives in, and costs 12.50?! brilliance!)


- One of my best friends from my time at University was Irish (I don't know why I said she WAS Irish - she still is!) and I can't STAND the accent - I think it's because I can't understand the damned accent! but his Irish-ness doesn't come through at all. . . and he is rivalling my love for Jim Moray on the Folk singer front (he won't beat him, try as he might)

- But I love how. . .chilling his voice is.

- Have a listen. See what you think.

- Oh, and who doesn't like a good twitter stalk?!

- Muchos Besos.


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