Thursday, 14 June 2012

1 :1 :1 Coconut Creams

- It's been a while. Life always seems to get in the way.

- I'm currently employed on a 0-hours contract (to enable me to find a new job), but it has left me with quite a bit more time on my hands than I typically like.

 - I felt like sharing something nice, sweet, and summery! So here you go, coconut creams, with blueberries or rhubarb (It's recently been brought to my attention that there is no rhubarb in America?)

- Inspired by this Good Food recipe


- I speak for no one but myself when I say, I really love reading through people's recipe's posted online, but  I never really get inspired unless I see the steps (That's why I always put them in, when I can!)

1. Start by dissolving 2 tbsps of powdered gelatine in 2 tbsps of boiling water (you can use leaf gelatine, but I've never done so, I believe it works on the same principles, 2 sheets in 2tbsps of cold water, but don't hold me to it!) 
2. In a pan bring to the boil 200ml of double cream and 400ml of skimmed milk, add 1 tbsp of coconut milk powder (just one of those things we always have lying around! - but you can do it with coconut milk!)
3. Add a few drops of vanilla extract and the now-soaked gelatine
4. let cool slightly before decanting into serving glasses ( I used these colourful cocktail glasses, because they are of a good size - and they look super pretty!)

coconut creams. 1

5. While the creams are in the fridge setting, brew a cup of herbal tea! (This is cranberry & orange) 
This step is not desperately needed, I was just faffing now!
6. Measure out 2 tbsps of blueberries (This is VERY approximate,  I just bashed a few into a ramakin!, you could use frozen too)
7. Take a bit of you tea, and bathe the blueberries!
8. Microwave for a minute! (Full power 750mw)
9. Take some rhubarb and slice into inch long segments (America : Take note!)
10. Heat over a low heat with a splash of water until tender - add sugar to taste (or, sweetner : whatever!)
(Forced, or early rhubarb is the pinkest - therefore the prettiest, it is also slightly sweeter)

coconut creams. 2

Spoon the compote's on top of the now set creams
Refridgerate a little more before serving
coconut creams. 3



  1. This recipe is making me really hungry! I haven't decided if I like rhubarb yet, but this looks delicious!

    1. aww love, Rhubarb is awesome! It reminds me of childhood, my mum used to pull it up out of the ground and let us gnaw on it! haha!

  2. Replies
    1. I can vouch from first class experience it tasted pretty good too! :p xx


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