Saturday, 16 July 2011

2 :11 D.I.Y-ing My Hair!


- It's kind of hard to ignore the sudden influx of creative hair dying at the moment. Whether it's Ombré tips or a full on bleach job.

- I have probably had my hair every colour under the sun at some point from black to blonde to red to peroxide (with a bit of green, orange and pink thrown in there for good measure) However recently I have decided to leave it be and just let it be it's natural medium blonde colour. I'm doing well. It's been this way longer than I thought possible, but I need colour in my life, it's so boring without it!

- My hair colour is definitely something that effects my mood. The darker it is, the more drab I feel. I LOVE darker hair on other people, but on me, no.

- Just look at this!
- and of course we have all seen how gorgeous this is. . .


- Today I decided to put some pink in my hair, well, I left all my other dyes in my flat so all I had available was pink so it was decided for me. In all fairness the green and blue fade funny (lookin' a bit mouldy!) but the pink fades to a slightly oranger shade of my natural colour and then back to normal, so it's a good choice!.

pink hair!
- Having dyed my hair soooo many times, other than the obvious (don't over wash your hair etc) I have learnt that if you paint the colour onto dry hair (not damp like it suggests) it stays longer, and is brighter.

- If my hair was dark, I'd obviously have to bleach it out first, but I got away with it being painted straight onto my natural colour. I may go over it again just to make it a little more vibrant, but for now I'm happy.

- Side note, have you ever tried to take a picture of your own hair?! it's freaking hard!



  1. you're hair is so pretty how do you get it all wavy like that? xo

  2. er, my hair is naturally VERY curly, so it holds curls well. I blast it with the hairdryer to knock most of the curl out, then I just flick the ends of the layers up with a 1 1/2" curling iron.
    It never used to do that, but I have a LOT of layers at the moment (they start at my ear lobe) which is why I think it flicks out like that. . (I'm pants at explaining!)
    - Trust me, there are a lot of days where I look like I've not seen a brush in days!

  3. I dont like it

  4. I wish I could do that to my hair! but it's so dark that I don't think it would work out...
    Maybe some day I'll try something like that. Looks really beautiful.


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