Friday, 15 July 2011

A Love Affair With: Zena Holloway #7

zena 5

- To begin with, this is the song Sirens of the Sea by OceanLab. Holloway shot the photographs of the singer for the cover of the album *ClickyClicky*. It is definitely not my first song of choice, and I have spent a fair amount of time trying to decide whether or not it goes with Holloway's artwork. I shall leave that up to you as I can't decide.

Zena 4 6

- The Artist I have chosen to feature this time is 38 year old, Bahranian born Zena Holloway.

- After my Love Affair with Elena Kalis I became somewhat obsessed with underwater photography, there is just something so peaceful about the images.

- Her love for underwater photography apparently started in Egypt on a scuba diving holiday when she was 18. She returned three years later to gain PADI qualifications.

-She then continued photographing underwater during her time as a commercial diver and diving instructor. Later in 1995 she returned to England where she worked in fashion and advertising.1

- I guess this concept is a bit of an amalgamation of her two loves, being underwater, and fashion photography. (Never let it be said that I'm not a genius!!)

- On her website there are many breathtaking editorials and sets, as well as advertisements which feature her work, however this set is my favourite, entitled Sirens.

zena2 3

zena 1
All pictures can be found here

I have also found a video on youtube by Zena, entitled SwanSongs. . (which makes me think of Hollywood Undead, but that's a different matter entirely!) It's beautiful, here it is!!


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