Thursday, 14 July 2011

Store Lovin' #1 : ModCloth Picks

Do you think my personality is written in stone? - Kate Miller-Heidke

- For all intensive purposes I am the girl who spends her weekends outside rambling in the mountains, or boarding, or anything that doesn't involve being bored indoors.
- Having said that, I will quite happily sit there for hours on end painting or writing or creating. . .

- This means that people expect me to live in hole-y jeans (I was going to write 'holy' but no, I mean my jeans which are ripped to shreds!) and a hoodie. Little do they know that I absolutely LOVE to get dressed up.
- If I'm outside I'll be in my jeans and t-shirt, but if I'm doing something else like going out for coffee, I'll put a little more thought into my outfits.
- I also need to sign up to "Shopaholics anonymous" (shush now, I know you do too!), I have quite a LONG list of things I love at the moment, I have a VERY informal wedding to go to next month and I really need something to wear, but everything I have is WHITE! (damn rule)

- Words can't really describe how much I need to own these shoes.
- Seriously, anything leopard print/ glittery/ completely tacky and I'm sold!
-Need Proof? OK

Blinged out shoes2legal

- I'm like a magpie for glittery shoes!

store love

 - ModCloth has to be one of my favourite online shops. A lot of places are really hit and miss with me, with a lot of pieces that are just meh, but I know I will always find something gorgeous at ModCloth

- On my quest to find the perfect dress for the wedding, I've discovered so many gorgeous dresses at ModCloth, I just thought I'd share them here.

day dresses modcloth
night dresses modcloth

- I would rock every single one of those dresses

- Probably with these Vintage Cowboy Boots that will be mine!

-Ah well, I guess you all know where my paycheck is going this month!



  1. Love the shoes, but might be too high for me. The dress on the second row number 2, is lovely.

  2. I'm 6' . . those shoes are DEFINITELY too high for me. I'd be a giant! . . still amazing though :)

  3. i freaking love modcloth! this collection is amazing! AND i love those vintage cowboy boots! i would wear those in a second!
    xo, Lauren

  4. agh! girl after my own heart ;)


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