Monday, 11 July 2011

Songs on Sunday #5

- Kate Miller-Heidke!

Source here

- I am so in love, with Kate. Especially in this video, sometimes I wish I looked just like her. Despite the Momsen-esque thing she is rocking here, she is still gorgeous!

- One might be slightly forgiven to think that Kate Bush is back! (don't hate, I love me some Kate Bush too!)

- It just got me thinking, of all the amazing female artists there are out there. I don't mean females with good tunes, catchy hooks and a decent beat. I mean women who actually inspire me aswell. They push the boundaries ( A little too far *ahem Mala Rodriguez* sometimes) and they create great music, and a positive role model whilst they are at it.

- Everyone knows we are about due for a massive revolution in the music industry at the moment, and who knows which way it will go!?

- Anyway, here are the rest of my girl-crushes this weekend!

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- If you're interested, here's the banned video, it was banned from Spanish Television in 2003 because it showed a young girl dealing drugs.

- Have a good week!


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