Friday, 22 July 2011

A Love Affair with: Cole Rise #9





-All pictures can be found here

- I love his work, I love the cross processed effect he has on the pictures and I love the floating people. 

-Most of all I love that he has an entire collection focussed on cows!

Cole Rise Cows
- Who has a collection on cows? Oh that's right Cole Rise does, I don't know why I find this so amusing, I mean if you think about it, why not? Yet somehow, everyone overlooks them, you get pictures of cats, why not cows?

- Despite the fact that his pictures are focussed on cows, you almost forget that the cow is there and look past them to the beautiful landscapes.

- You want to know the best bit about Cole Rise? (other than he provided the artwork for Flyleaf) He looks like this.




  1. love this. iv seen these pics on blogs for a while now but didnt know where they were from!

  2. haha I know, Pinterest is where I've seen his work most often, but no-one ever links back (tumblr = the land of lost links!)

  3. True that!!! tumblr is just rip off no origin... And i was gona link you in my post too because you gave it to me but didnt wana come off all stalkery when wev only just blog met, ya know... hahaha ;)

    anyway... cheers for the comments on my blog they are very much appreciated miss hanna x


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