Thursday, 21 July 2011

2 :18 Lori Nix and Her Staged Photos

- Most photographers scout out their locations, they research, they wait for the perfect weather conditions, the perfect time of day and god forbid something happens like a tour group full of tourists is visiting your secluded water hole on the day of your shoot!

- Not Lori Nix, Nix creates her scenes and then photographs them!

Side note: Anyone remember the CSIVegas episode of the creepy killer (I know, all killers are creepy, but this one out-creeps most) who made exact replicas of the killing and surroundings, before they happened? Kinda reminds me of that, but I'm trying to not think of that, because I actually really like the thought processes behind these scenes.


Han's Story time!:
(don't roll your eyes at me. I know you love to hear my life in random snippets really!)

I have played musical instruments for as long as I can remember, I can play the Piano, Flute, Guitar . . the list goes on, but they are the few I am accomplished in. One of my dad's friends has a music workshop, he fixed my flute for me many times, one time I threw a strop and smashed my solid. silver. flute. against a metal music stand and may have "dented" it a little . . I digress, the point I was trying to make is his workshop looks just like this, so much so that it is a little creepy (stop thinking about CSI. STOP IT!!!). I'm sure it's a coincidence, plus I don't see dead gary in this model so it's all good! 

Side note : don't date musicians, they are complicated, and will probably break your heart, smash it to pieces and claim you are a 'horrible person' for putting them through hell after they read all your emails from years ago to your ex. (feel free to ignore that bit, I'm bitter, mainly because the 'horrible person' thing gets to me, I'm not, and I never do anything to hurt people, I know this, which is why it hurts so much that someone else thinks it.)

Pterosaurs? Greek remains? Ok then girl, whatever goes on inside your head, I approve!

All pictures can be found here


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