Tuesday, 19 July 2011

2 :15 Shinoflow, Porta, Dani i David, Chema i Jandro, [Will You Marry Me?]


- It is common knowledge that if you come in my car, you will listen to what I choose and you will like it! - Hey if I'm driving your ass around consider it payment (chances are I'll be doing it for free, because I'm nice like that).

- I'm super bad for playing music ridiculously loud, like, embarassingly loud. Which is odd, because I hate it when people listen to the TV too loud, or the radio, it's only acceptable in the car! (don't try rationalise that, I have my theories!)

- I'll listen to anything, and I mean anything, I enjoy everything (apart from Muse and Radiohead : I have my reasons!) even if it is not what I would have picked to listen to.

Entresuelo boy

- BUT, these men, gah! I'm so in love with them, their voices! ( so much so that writing this has sent me on a three hour youtube sesh. . ) This is odd I know, I don't really like all of their music, it's just their voice I am in love with, all of these three. Carlos, Christian and Dani, you have the most beautiful voices, and I am single (sort of : for you I am)!!

- Would you just look at that boys hair?! it's better than mine!
- My claim to fame here, is that he tweeted me! I was overjoyed for weeks (erm, I still am!)

- This is going to sound like I have completely lost the plot, but I love when you can hear him breathing in between his lines. not least do most of Porta's songs have some great meaning behind them, not just useless drivel. Possibly not the best song to demonstrate this point, but his song Nota de Suicidio has me in tears every time!

- This has been my favourite band for YEARS. I was devastated when they "disbanded", actually, I'm still in denial. PLUS FERNANDO TORRES?! need I say more?!
-He's Dani's best friend, and, I'd take Dani over Torres anyday. BUT his cousin, David, has my heart. I don't even give a stuff that he is married and has a daughter named Luna!!
- I've been to see them in concert a few times, and man are they amazing.

- I'm well aware that I sound like some deluded fan-girl. That's probably because I am a deluded fan-girl when it comes to this lot.

- I COULD go on, but I'll save you. because my love for Lucas Masciano, Pereza, Melendi, Ivan Ferreiro, Maldita Nerea. . . . .goes on forever.


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