Friday, 15 July 2011

2 :9 Traditional Flat Breads : Hanna's Way!

It's Han's way, or the highway!

- I know these are UGLY, but it's bread, there's not many ways to make bread look good!!


- I'm pretty lazy, not in the I never bother doing anything kinda way, in the I look for the easiest way to do everything.

-Flat breads are pretty traditional, and a bit of a staple in the household, so they have to be easy to make, fuss free and quick. I lost our non-stick frying pan, but these are better without the oil, done in the non-stick frying pan.

Flat breads blog

-2 Cups of Self Raising Flour (this is what makes it rise, if you don't have any Self Raising Flour, use Plain Flour with 2tsp of Baking Powder)
-1tsp Salt
-1 tbsp Vegetable Oil
-Enough WARM water to bind the mixture into a dough, if you make it too sticky, add a little more flour, it's very flexible!
-Make sure your surface is floured, cut the dough into 8 equal pieces
-Roll each of these pieces until they are 1mm thick (trust me they rise when they are cooked even if they look very thin now!)
-Shallow fry the bread 1 at a time (I had two frying pans going!!) They will take about 30seconds each side on a medium heat.
-Enjoy warm, especially good with spiced cheese and cucumber salad (That's what I had last night!! YUM)

- I know there are loads of ways to do this, but most of the ones I have come across have yeast in, that's cool if you have  an hour spare for proving, I don't know about you, but I leave everything until last minute, so I definitely do not have and hour to wait! 10 minutes and these are ready! That quick! 

- I have heard some argue, that without yeast these are simply tortilla's, call them what you will, but they most certainly do  not resemble tortillas because they do rise, tortillas in my head are not doughy, but are instead very thin. 

-Use these breads in place of any bread you would normally have, with salads, with BBQ's, for sandwiches. . .

- Here's a recipe card for you.


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