Wednesday, 13 July 2011

2 :8 Raspberry Cocktails

- Just because I mentioned the ridiculous amount of raspberries we have at the moment, I thought Id share with you the raspberry cocktails we enjoyed the other night!

Raspberry Cocktail

4 cups of raspberries blended and strained
4 shots of cherry sourz
slosh of vodka
dash of vanilla essence
topped up with lemonade

- We served with frozen raspberries floating about! (and yes, yes I was ridiculously impressed with myself!!)



  1. So entirely YUM! Thanks for sharing the recipe. We're having a garden party soon and I think this is a must xo

  2. Ooh garden parties are so much fun I hope you have a good time!
    Just slosh everything around and hope for the best!
    Another favourite is in a glass 1 shot of cherry sours and 1 of blue Curaçao topped up with lemonade, (maybe a little artifial tasting though!! haha)


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