Wednesday, 6 July 2011

2 :3 Hanna's Going Nuts, The Heat's Getting To Me! Memories of Snow.

- Anyone who knows me, knows I am well and truly obsessed with the snow.

- I can't be dealing with all this 'heat' stuff.

-I am seriously yearning for some snow. So I will share with you some pictures of my life last winter.


- I love this picture, I love that you can see the mountains across the bay, and that the snow comes right down to the sea. We are literally sat on the sea front! 


- This is just down the road from my flat. These kids were adorable! They had the day from school, and their dad was pulling them about on the sledge. Too cute!


- Ze motorway, looking, err, empty! This was after about four hours driving, round about the time I started to lose interest in life! I am a nightmare to take anywhere!


- This came down in the space of about an hour. Then started melting, from the underside first and was like a huge sheet of ice across my car! Poor little car can't take it!

-I wish it snows now! I know I have some waiting to do, but, I have nothing else to do . . . I may go stuff my head in the freezer, and pretend it is december!

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