Friday, 29 July 2011

2 :26 Vintage Beaded Belts

beaded belts

- I have a LARGE collection of belts, so I always look out for interesting ones (practical and beautiful, just how everything should be!) My current favourite is a tan leopard print number I wear all the time (I would say it's not as tacky as it sounds, but, it is!)

- I've found quite a few of these gorgeous beaded belts recently and I wish I owned one!

-When I was younger, (15/16) I spent a year in the hospital, and became a bit of a dab hand at weaving beads on the loom, so I may attempt to make one of these gorgeous belts because, despite them being so beaituful, they are a little on the pricey side! I could weave the beaded segment easily, I'm just not entirely sure how to attatch it to the belt. . . I'll work on that!

-Having said that, I may just browse Etsy and Ebay until I find the perfect one, that's my usual answer!


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  1. Beautiful belts! Good luck piecing together one!


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