Wednesday, 6 July 2011

2 :2 Candy Chang and Her Good Will

-I like to make cities more comfortable for people - Candy Chang

- I am a big believer in positivity.

- I know that sometimes it is so hard to see positivity, especially when everything seems so bleak. So I really appreciate others who try and get everyone thinking about the good and not focussing on the bad.

- I love Candy Chang's attempts at keeping both community spirit alive, reminding people of the good times and at creating a talking point, getting people out and about. The added bonus of a little love being shown to delapidated buildings is also awesome!


- This Pirate made me smile! I wish I could walk around like a Pirate every day!

- All pictures can be found here
- Candy Chang 2011

- Got to show the woman a little love, I think there should be a project like this in every city, I know I would appreciate it, and I can't be the only one can I?!

- Theres nothing better than brightening someones day, and I think that this would be a sure fire way to brighten mine, remind people that there is plenty of time left, and that they should have lots of goals and aspirations to achieve.

- Somehow I always find that having a goal, makes the journey all the more rewarding at the end. Having something to aim for, can make the actual process of aiming more enjoyable.

- There is an interview with Chang here, where she explains her motivations behind her projects, and a full catalogue of her projects here.

- I think it would be fun to have a project like this running, perhaps in a school, or at a fete, just as a good way of bringing the community together. I'm going to work on this one. Might end up on my friend's wall . . .but I shall keep you updated!

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