Monday, 18 July 2011

2 :14 Rachel Rose.

- Silk Tee? check (Let's be honest, like one of the easiest things to make look good, whilst still feeling comfy, I think silk jogging bottoms may be a little. . . yea. I'll leave that one up to you!) Side note, Who spells 'waist', 'waste' in a national newspaper *slaps forehead*

- Completely awesome arty splodgy inky designs? check (That's a technical term by the way!)

- One of a kind? check

etsy tshirts rachel rose

- I love these, especially the first one, hmm, artsy!

- Go visit Rachel Rose Her designs are beautifully quirky, and she's from Brooklyn ( don't get much cooler than that)

- Therefore I deduce, I love her. Simple really!!

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  1. Oh I like these, the one with the pink/red colour is lovely.


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