Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Love Affair With: Greg Martin #8

- My general feeling towards photographs is that they are a little lost without people in them. A place is just a place without people, with people it becomes alive, it has a soul and it has memories.

- Therefore, for me to like photographs of landscapes is pretty rare, but these are just beautiful.

- Greg Martin manages to present the places almost as though they are just waiting for you to arrive and create memories.

Winter Beach
(This reminds me of a beach me and my best friends visit regularly!)
Temperate Rainforest
(These two are a little Twilight-y but shush now, they are beautiful!)
Into the mist

Hood River Express

Crater Lake Dawn

- I can imagine myself in every one of these places. I want to be in most of them. I want to create my own memories. Right, who wants to come on a road trip with me?

- I also love the size of his images, not quite panoramic, and a little unconventional. I approve!

- Go stalk on twitter!


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