Wednesday, 27 July 2011

2 :24 So There's This Parrot. . . (Margaret Hinge & Her Beautiful Feathers)

-Next door to my parents' house, there lives a parrot. This bird has recieved death threats on many occasions by my parents, relatives, visitors. . . anyone who has had the misfortune of encountering it.

-It's a pain in the bum, it screeches ALL day!

-My neighbours seem to hate it as much as we do, because every morning (come rain or shine, or blizzard) they wheel this parrot out of their house and over to their boundary fence.

-They are such beautiful birds, but, I hate it all the same, I just want to go to sleep after having been at work for 11 1/2 hours, (starting at 5:30am) not listen to the bloomin bird!

-Having said that, colourful feathers DO have their uses! . . . I found these trinkets here and I think the use of the feathers is so beautiful!

- The artist is Margarent Hinge (All jokes about her username being 'mhinge' aside. . . ) Marge's Feathers produces some amazing earrings and pendants.

feather earrings

-I love that the top half of the feather has been encased in metal

-Her pieces are electromagnetically plated with copper. There are some entirely encased, and some only partially. (all of them just as gorgeous as each other)

- Oh and if you were wondering, all feathers are naturally malted and cruelty free!


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