Monday, 4 July 2011

A Love Affair With: StreetArtUtopia #5

- Recently I've been coming across more and more examples of street art.

-In my home town, on the television, and more often than not, on the internet.

- I'm not entirely sure what my opinions on street art are. Sometimes I think they are ridiculously clever for example here

- The artwork itself is pretty mundane, the setting is pretty mundane, but the concept is brilliant, and that's what makes this peice so amazing. I am sure that if I spotted this in the street it would make me smile!

- But then there is the less artistic pieces of street art. Skilled artists have my approval, vandals do not, and I think there is a very fine line between the two.

- Han's ridiculous story time! *GASP!*- When I was in high school, there was a gang of boys in the year above me, who, thought it was hilarious to walk around the village in the middle of the night, spray painting the number '7' onto people's fences etc (there were seven members in their gang, imaginative, I know) This is the sort of thing I am talking about, it's annoying, it's ugly and it's not clever.

- It's people like that who make the general public assume that all art is bad, but I think as long as it is done tastefully, and is not harming anything, then why get upset? I know the tax payer is going to have to pay to remove it, but if it is improving the appearance of a public place, should it not stay?


- These steps in particular are brilliant, they just brighten up the area. Now, personally, I have a very 'old fashioned' taste. I would be inclined to protest against street art, but I think that in this instance, it really does improve, what is otherwise a pretty drab area, plus, I also think it brightens up the area and makes it look a lot cleaner than it would if there were just grey steps there.


- This is perhaps verging a little too close to the idea of graffiti, but I think in this area, it works. I like how it makes a feature of the shutters.

- In one of the towns in the south of France I passed through a couple of winter's ago I saw a building painted very similarly to this one, and it was really impressive, this I think is definitely on the 'art' side of street art!



- The first thing I notice about the above picture, is that despite the crumbling building (reminds me of my house!) is how clean the area is, just look at that pavement!

- The next three images are without a shadow of a doubt my absolute favourites. Words cannot describe how in love I am. I LOVE that they are most definitely pieces of art, yet they are so well integrated with the environment that they seamlessly involve the surroundings and the art together.



-This is SO creepy, yet brilliant at the same time! Can you just picture walking through the woods on a hike and encountering that!?

-All images can be found here
- And stalked on facebook here!

- I am so in love with the last image, it makes me so happy just to look at it! I hope that one day I come across something like that in my city. . . or maybe I will start to instigate them myself!

- I am definitely pro-street art, as long as it's clever as opposed to blatantly gratuitous!

- What do you think? yay or nay?

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