Sunday, 3 July 2011

2 :1. Matt Pond PA : Starting.

- A little bit obsessed with this song, not going to lie.

"less talk, more arms, more legs more swinging back and forth, first hips then knees then feet don't think anymore"

- Not sure why I am up at this time in the morning, oh, no, wait! I am perfectly aware. It's because I get ridiculous calls from my friends at stupid times in the morning when they are locked out of their houses and think it's hilarious to share this with me whilst hurling abuse my way!!! AGH!

- ah well, nothing like an early morning music sesh to put me in a better mood. Enjoy!

Fins ara.



  1. i don't get this video at all, but cool song

  2. haha, I'm not entirely sure I get the video either! hey ho, it's an interesting one! - and this song would be soo weird with a lady gaga/beyonce routine in there :)


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